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A Black fashion designer is causing quite a stir on social media with the debut of his tone-deaf neckwear line.

The founder who has been identified as Daniel is the proud owner of “Daniel’s Rope Ties,” a new necktie brand that’s looking to “defy the negative symbolic imagery” that nooses are often tied to. The South African designer describes the visually jarring pieces as “African Rope Wear” that can be stylishly rocked by “all genders” according to News One.

We know what you’re thinking… absolutely noose-adjacent right?

Well Daniel says that’s not the case at all. On the company’s Facebook page, the young designer states that he hopes to “change the mindset” of the nooses’ dark historical past by empowering Black people to wear the design as a statement.

‘We don’t promote suicidal with the new fashion rope ties, we try to change the mindset that when people look at the rope all they think is how bad the rope has been used to take people’s lives, can’t the same Rope be used for something positive in the new Generation?” he writes.

Of course, Black Twitter and melanated folks on Facebook slammed Daniel for his fashion faux pas.

“This isn’t it. At all,” wrote one Twitter user. “The founder sounds like nothing more than a bellhop negro who probably finds a greater light in being called the N-word.”


While a social media goer on Facebook added:

“There’s absolutely nothing you can say to make a black man wearing a noose around his neck ok.  Black men are still being hung from trees while coroners & police determine it to somehow be “suicide” and yet here you go with this inappropriate, offensive, insensitive bs.  This is a complete disgrace!”

Yikes, we’re all for supporting Black businesses, but do you think brother Daniel’s message is a little bit too insensitive? Tell us down below.


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