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Howard Stern is no stranger to sending people into apoplectic outrage and his latest quip may just cause some right-wingers’ heads to explode.

During yesterday’s episode of SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, the iconic shock jock reported on yet another conservative radio show host who has joined this list of microphone checkers who have checked out after contracting COVID-19. It seems as if every week we are hearing of another hard-headed white man who abandoned his family and loved ones just so that he could walk the party line that denies COVID’s legitimate existence



Stern isn’t alone in his condemnation of those who needlessly put themselves and others in danger by being COVID-catching contrarians, Jimmy Kimmel also recently tossed out some “let them eat cake” commentary about the anti-vax crowd…


COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere and neither are the polarizing opinions about its existence, treatment, and all other medical topics. It’s crazy that even after everything that has happened around the WORLD that people are still debating this thing. Hopefully, some of them realize how stupid they sound before they too end up dead.

That said, we won’t hold our breath and these folks don’t get right then they might not have any breath to hold…


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