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All types of shyte are jumping off during Fashion Week. Kanye West has just unveiled a new couture venture:

Like Jay-Z and Sean “Diddy” Combs before him, Kanye West is looking to expand his hip-hop empire to include fashion. But leave it to Kanye to do it in a big way. The rapper revealed that he’s signed on to design a line of men’s shoes for Louis Vuitton. He’s also working on his own signature line of womens wear (not Vuitton), which is set to launch in the fall. Kanye’s had a good relationship with the luxe French brand. Back in June, he performed at the opening of Takashi Murakami’s lastest show, which included special Louis Vuitton bags. “I grew up with the Louis look, you know,” he told the Guardian paper at last week’s Vuitton runway show in Paris. “I just love the style.”

Louis Vuitton eh? Classy indeed. Kanye’s got interesting taste, we’re curious to see how these kicks turn out.

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  • shesofine


  • shesofine

    I love him!!

  • {{ The INFAMOUS }} Ms. Sugar Walls


  • asdfkue

    He is playful,right? he is a hot member of “ ” which is for casual encounter for romance. he has dated several hot girls on that club.

  • http://none Body

    Louis Vuitton…does not…….Black…People

  • http://none Body

    Kayne’s an Oreo, he doesn’t count.

  • Twana Tells

    @Body lol……Yeah I wrote about this story on my site I’m curious to see what the shoe will look like. You know Kanye’s style is different everybody can’t pull it off but it works for him.

    Twana Tells

  • intuitivepisces

    Not sure what to expect, but really curious to see Kanye’s designs for women. I’m sure the LV shoes will be hot.

  • sniper

    How does Chipmunk K “Grow up with the Louis look” – I hope his parents didnt buy him Louis vutton while he was in high school – that just aint right…spoiled brat

  • Sharie


  • najeeba
  • Aunt Viv

    All he needs is a Mickey Mouse lunchbox, and he’ll be be ready for school!


    Alot of people don’t know we’re big on fashion in Chicago. Kanye got the whole industry lookin like him. I hope his womens line is cute.

  • 6 Figgaz

    @ bree

    I C U. Your search is over ma…

  • Just Sayin

    @Aunt Viv

    You right bout that

  • DeLaRoCkA

    Kanye West is spreading his wings!

    The performer extraoridinaire has been in Paris the last few days for the couture shows and has revealed to Women’s Wear Daily that he’s teaming up with Louis Vuitton to do a shoe line.

    Kanye doesn’t mess around.

    He’ll only work with the best!

    Can’t wait to see what the design house and rapper come up with.

    And, will they be making shoes for poor people too?????

    Don’t be elitists!



  • DeLaRoCkA


    DMX was arrested again today in Arizona. He showed up for a court hearing, but had a bench warrant out for his arrest, so they busted him. Threepeat!

    X was busted June 27 after he allegedly tried to buy drugs from an undercover officer. He was also busted on June 23, May 9 and May 7.

  • DeLaRoCkA

    yea !! i use to love dmx a lot

    i think he has good voice for rap music

    truly sad sad sad!!!

    i never thought he would get to this point in his life

  • bree

    6 Figgaz

    did you see the picture? i took it down

  • bree

    Hi KZZ..i was greeting you in the Rihanna post..howdy!

  • I'm Just Me


    I am happy for him. I want to see what it is.

    HEY KZZ!!

  • 6 Figgaz

    Definitely not the news I was hoping for bree… Actually, I’m f*cking devastated. Can we do a rewind? You gotta give me another shot…

  • K-ten

    i dont like kanye, but i do congradulate him on making it big with the clothing industry with Vuitton. now they see blacks have come back strong in fashion, they want more of our business.

  • Jahpson

    I love Kanye’s style and I love Louis Vuitton.

    If only my man would allow me to get some shoes for him, I would so get a pair of whatever funky design he has yet to release!!

    My baby says that buying your significant other shoes allows them to walk out of their life.

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