Fill In The Blank: Whitney Houston Lookin’ Like __________?

- By Bossip Staff

Whitney Houston got snapped outside the airport in Washington, D.C. with her RayBans on, a plastic hairclip on her dome and this crazy expression on her face. How would you fill in the blank??? Keep reading for another funny face from Nippy.

Whitney’s in DC for the taping of BET Honors tonight.

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  • quinten

    FIRST VA STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Victora Holliday

    Ii know i know a JUNKIE


    she back on that white powder shit

  • Daywalker(THE DAYDREAM!!!)

    Nippy??? More like “Nappy”!!!! 😆

  • darealwifey

    Heartbreaking. Whitney is an addict, and she is CLEARLY back on that stuff. You could tell that she hasn’t been 100% right for a while since she came back out. Celebrities are always surrounded by people willing to prey on them at any cost. She needs to really clean her life up. When she is CLEAN, she is amazing. Cracked out Whitney is whack.

  • memchee

    lol…that’s a nice coat though!

  • WhatAWorld08

    A Frankie!

  • omo

    she on crack again…its crystal clear. she a fraud


    – Looking like she’s losing the battle with her spastic, random tongue movements.

  • tintin79

    damn she looks like she’s on crack again. this pic looks old

  • jackee




  • redbush

    she looks like Frankie…

  • jjones

    I do not think she is using.. I mean if she was would she be wearing such a nice coat .. that coat got to cost atleast 20,000 dollars,if she was on that stuff I do not think she would be wearing that coat,she may have sold that coat by now for that “stuff”(maybe its some good wine ,and some gooooooodd weed mix together)Butleave her alone she got it together shewill be alright.

  • anonymous

    That coat is from russia. She did 2 concerts in early december. I recall seeing that coat from the russian fur designer’s website. Prolly is 20k if not more.

    Those are the before pics, no makeup. Here she is all made up last nite at 2010 BET Honors dinner.

  • Get Real

    I love the airport pics. No photo shop or airbrushing. You get to see how the celeb really look. Those covers of the magazines she’s on looking nothing like the cracked out monster in DC airport.

  • Jessica

    I pray that she is ok. We should be encouraging her instead of bringing her down. Man they love to see you down!!

  • http://deleted CriticXtreme

    She looks like her old self again. Back on the junk. I guess she’s paid her debt to Clive Davis.

  • zar

    she looks normal you fuking idiot. she was talking to people so thats why she look like that i like to see you when you talk minger. look at her coat she wont dress like that if she was back to her ways because we all remember how she looked then so fuk off u stupid haters.

  • Zina (The Original Princess)

    @ Beatnik, thanks for posting the Madtv sketch. That was really funny! hahahaha

  • GotYou

    I think she was pursing her lips to form a kiss and that’s what they caught. A camera snapping while you’re speaking anything can come up.

  • dwalker

    Dennis Rodman!!!!!!!

  • jayonyxx

    Whitney Houston = Frankie

  • jelle

    Is that Samuel L.Jackson in the background?

  • nikki is the bad chica

    I hope this pic is wrong!
    Damn they should of never given her control of any money…Her family should get her on the show intervention before it`s too late

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