Chris Brown in Milan for Men’s Fashion Week… But Does He Really have Fashion Sense???

- By Bossip Staff

Chris Brown hit up the Missoni Showcase in Milan for Menswear Fashion Week. Normally we see Breezy rocking jeans, a t-shirt and some colorful madness. We don’t consider him to be fashion forward especially after putting on some leggings for his album cover.

Flip the Hood for a More Fashionable Chris Brown

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  • quinten

    first va stand up!!!!


    Do your thing Chris and keep payin’ the haters no mind!

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    Chris looks great and of course he has fashion sense. He’s growing into a fine azz young man too Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmm!

  • someone please kill riri

    ohhh brother looking hot

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    Chris Brown hit up the Missoni Showcase in Milan for Menswear Fashion Week. Normally we see Breezy rocking jeans, a t-shirt and some colorful madness. We don’t consider him to be fashion forward


    and you guys know his album cover looks great.

  • Daywalker(THE DAYDREAM!!!)

    Mayne, Eff this fruity azz nucca!! And he doesn’t have a choice but to “Pay the haters mind” because they are going to ruin him!! Bwahahahahahaaaaa! 🙂

    Ol’ bytch azz!!

  • 4 REAL

    Yes, he does. He takes risks and realizes there are more things to wear than just t-shirts and baggy pants hanging off your azz. U better WORK boy! Keep your head up!

  • kay

    daywalker, every negative thing come out your mouth about Chris will back fire, so i suggest to you be very careful, you don’t know what your future hold

  • bluekid

    Chris Breezy Brown is looking handsome has ever!!!

  • omo

    this boy foine.thats all i gotta say

  • Mrs. Rance

    While I feel he should NEVER be allowed to live down that leggin fiasco he generally does have his own sense of style. We may not like it, but that does kinda make him stylish.

  • what that?

    no, chris brown or breezy do note have any fashion sense at all… he is no kenye or andre 3000!!!

  • nee

    Chris has great fashion sense.He looks great in these pictures

  • Aspen

    I remember something that Michael Jackson said and it was as follow ” If you want to be the best you have to hang around or talk to the best ”

    Also, when the news first came out about Chris Brown and Rhianna, a paparazzi asked Christian Sirano, the fashion designer , if he had heard about what went down between Chris Brown and Rhianna and he said the following ” it’s about time for Chris to grow up “. In other words he was previously way to young for his age.

    I say all of that to say this , Chris Brown is growing up and he’s going to the best to find out how it’s done, Italy, the home of high fashion.

    Also, I think he does have a fashion sense did you see the suits and shoes that he wore when he went to the court room.

  • Glo

    Chris we love u. Don’t mind the haters

  • Allex

    Chris looks amazing!! Love him!!

    Chris keep them blinders on to block them haters and keep moving forward. Thats all you can do.

  • niayla15

    I think chris does have a good fashion sense! keep it up CB!

  • seriously?

    he dresses great! i wish more guys would follow suit. If I see one more 5XL tee….

  • Tami

    Chris is looking great, never be a follower, do your own thing! He’s growing into adulthood, he was a kid when he came on the scene, how many of us in your words had fashion sense, what do your outfits look like?

  • myeashalee

    follow keyshia cole new page on twitter… JustKeyshiaCole

  • Canli

    he can get it love u Chris

  • In Yaki We Trust

    *chuckles* I see the haters are in full effect. Don’t you guys have jobs?

    Anyway, Chris is growing into a fine young man. Keep doing you, Chris!

    #sidenote – He can get it, lmao.

  • Mary

    I think going through the past year let him grow up. So I do see him coming together now then I did before. So in that sense yes he does and in recent pictures from Fashion Week is showing him coming into adulthood and that’s just great to see TBH. Above everything it’s nice to see.

  • grow up chris

    God, cant you not let this boy live? I hardly see people commenting now, comment on famous men who were beating up their wives for years. (maybe because their wives/girlfriends are not famous) leave him alone, whether he changes is up to him. No one can change him not you or me. What he did was wrong, period. Continuously putting him down is going to achieve nothing. Just pray that he changes because he still has time, still young unlike other men. Chris brown needs to grow up. Hopefully, losing most of his fans is a wakeup call.

  • http://google catdaddy

    keep work’n on that image son….. you’ll be alright…… keep that smile on your face…

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