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If you can’t handle the smallest inconveniences in life without getting violent, you really shouldn’t have kids.

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In the latest installment of absolutely unbelievable headlines, a 37-year-old woman named Fallon Harris was charged with first-degree murder after the death of her son, Kaden Ingram at their South Chicago home.

According to reports from The Daily Beast, the 12-year-old was found on the kitchen floor, unresponsive, with multiple bullet wounds to his head. In court on Sunday, prosecutors alleged that Harris was caught on a home security system fatally shooting the child.

In the same court hearing, Cook County State’s Attorney Eugene Wood alleged the incident began mid-morning on Saturday when Harris confronted her son over a digital memory card she had taken out of her car on Friday night. Wood didn’t say what was on the memory card.

According to prosecutors, the situation escalated when Kaden told his mom he didn’t know where the memory card was, causing Harris to allegedly point a silver revolver at the boy and fire a non-fatal shot to his head. Audio evidence recovered from the home’s security system revealed that the first gunshot left the 12-year-old boy “conscious and crying.”


While Kaden was lying injured on the floor, prosecutors alleged that Harris took a phone call before returning to demand the memory card once again. When Kaden told his mom that he didn’t know where the memory card was, she fired a second, fatal shot at the 12-year-old, which Wood claimed was clearly caught on the security camera.

That’s when Wood claims Harris called two family members and admitted to shooting her son, and those relatives called the police and the boy’s father, who met officers at the crime scene. When they entered the house, Harris allegedly confessed to the whole thing.

Fallon Harris now faces a single count of first-degree murder.

According to the boy’s father and Harris’ estranged husband, Lavell Ingram, there have been concerns over her mental state for some time. To make matters all the more upsetting, Ingram told The Chicago Sun-Times that Harris attended her first-ever therapy session on Friday, just one day before the alleged murder.

“We didn’t know that this was going to transpire,” the boy’s father told the paper. “We had told her to get help. I guess it finally reached its boiling point… She loved [Kaden] more than anything in the world.”

He continued, “I don’t even think she understands what happened.”

R.I.P. Kaden Ingram.



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