Congratulations!!!: Mo’Nique Wins Best Supporting Actress Award at the Critic Choice Awards

- By Bossip Staff

Well, Look-y what we have here. Mo’Nique was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 15th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and she won. Congratulations Mo’Nique!!!

Pop the Hood to See Paula Patton Glowing and Morgan Freeman Swirlin’

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  • nywoman23

    mo”nique’s hubby is cute too bad he’s zesty. i see tracy morgan paying homage to satan. and i would love to see mo’nique lose 100+ pnds.but in the meantime do cover up the arms. that is not a good look at all.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Hmmm, maybe i’ll rent the blu-ray when it’s released on March 3. I never seen a pig emote before…Well there was that one episode of Green Acres with Arnold (the pig) Ziffel though.

  • getting down

    Is Mo’Nique putting the weight back on ???

    She forgot her earrings. Why do some women believe that if they are wearing a great necklace or neckline (like Mo’Nique’s dress) that they do not need earrings on. I know some people believe that the neckline will put emphasis on your face however, you still need at least a stud earring to pull the look all together. Without it, it looks un-finished.

  • getting down

    Mo’Nique says that her and her current husband have been friends since they were kids but, I believe he only married her to help her save face when she turned up pregnant with twins.

    She did not want her babies being born with out her being married and I truly think Mo’Nique believes it would have hurt her career.

    What a good friend!

  • getting down

    That’s why she said they have an open marriage because he wants to be with other people or his real girlfriend.

  • Meow

    Congrats to Mo…now about them arms…..

  • 1TruDiva with the PlatinumVocals--Remembering Shaniya!!

    Great job, Monique!

    I think she was very deserving. Like I posted before, anytime you can immerse yourself into a role (such as she did) and we (the audience) can hate that character as we did, that’s passion!

    Gone girl! I’m proud of ya!

  • CF

    go ‘head mo’nique! do it!

  • myeashalee

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  • Born

    Yessssssss!!! I’m happy for you girl.

  • Gmen

    My Congratulations to you sis

  • Kigali- I will check you

    Precious!!! Go down to the Welfare.

  • Ms. Goody

    Right on Mo’Nique.

  • sickwitit

    she def put on weight

  • Joe

    Wow, the bedazzling on that neckline is intense.

  • Somali Ninga

    CONGRATZ FATA$$!!!!!!!!!

  • hbfan

    I am sooo Happy for Mo’Nique!!! She looked soo pretty!

  • chzz

    (Haters go back to your plantation day-job)

  • Kigali- I will check you

    @Somali Ninga

    You so mean. You know what everytime I think of Somalis I always think of this big fat Somali guy I used to see at this club in London. He was mad cool. Always rolling a blunt though.

  • Somali Ninga

    @ Kigali
    LOL!! Somalis are chill ppl!!



  • Kigali- I will check you

    @Somali Ninga,

    Oh yeah. The girls are mad cool. I dont think I have ever met a Somali girl that was really cool and down to earth. Eritreans have been cool, Ethiopians… Jury still out on that bunch. Somali guys on the other hand… If you go to Camden which is like a area in London, they the ones selling all the dope. LOL. Its sad though.

    You have to explain this to though… Somalis girls are so pretty but then you get the ones that have those chubby cheeks. Is that from a specific tribe or region of Somalia?

  • Moreaces

    Congratulation Mo’ Glad to see a Sister, doing her thing,, Great Job


    Congrats Mo’Nique.(I guess) Still not going to see that garbage. Get back in the gym…and see the little old Brasilian lady with the wax bucket ’bout them arms child.Feel free to let her work the full monty.I seen the jungle on those legs too.

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