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Drake is bigger than WHOMST???

First of all, Michael Jackson is the greatest recording artist, live performer and pop culture icon of all-time. His catalog, hitmaking ability, dance prowess and star power are simply untouchable. There’s no one, dead or alive, who can match his legacy that continues to impact the music industry to this day.

Not even Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham who recently made history with the most Top 10 hits on the Billboard 100 at one time with his latest collection of Instagram caption anthems “Certified Lover Boy.”

Naturally, his heart-haired stans scampered to crown him the GOAT and even started a blasphemous debate over whether 2021 Drake is bigger than prime Michael Jackson.

Now, we love Drake and think he’s legendary but he couldn’t touch the hem of Mike’s high waisted trousers.

And we say this respectfully but you’re smoking a [brain-debilitating white substance] if you think he compares in any way, shape or form whatsoever.

Mike had his own popular video game based on his own popular anthology musical film (Moonwalker).

MJ could do ‘Hotline Bling’ but Drake could never be a Smooth Criminal.

He also had his own 3D attraction at Disney’s Epcot (Captain EO), made seas of crying fans faint at concerts, stopped the world by standing still at the Super Bowl and starred in the quite possibly the greatest music video ever (Thriller) at 25.

To date, “Thriller” has sold more copies (33 million+ in just the U.S.) than Drake’s entire discography.

We could go on and on forever but the point is that comparing Mike (who didn’t even have the internet, streaming platforms and stan culture to support his stardom) to Drake is completely insane.

But, then again, we expect this uncultured swinery on the internet that’s been flooded with terrible Drake vs. Michael Jackson opinions for the past 24 hours.

What was your reaction to this blasphemous debate? Tell us in the comments and peep the best (and funniest) reactions below:


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