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Over 100 years later…

Alabama state capitol building

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A lot of the good ol’ boys and girls down in Alabama have been sleeping really well at night despite the fact that their beloved state has been harboring hate speech inside its constitution for well over one hundred years and counting. Fortunately, thanks to the voters who had enough sense to know better, that will soon be changing.

According to NYTimes, a committee of lawmakers and civilian citizens are in the process of removing some extremely racist language that has been in the state’s most important document 1901. When the constitution was last edited, the men involved made it absolutely NO secret about what they believed in…

“The new Constitution eliminates the ignorant Negro vote and places the control of our government where God Almighty intended it should be — with the Anglo-Saxon race,” John Knox, the president of the constitutional convention, said in a speech encouraging voters to ratify the document that year.

This is not the first time that the Alabama constitution was to be rewritten. The two previous attempts failed miserably which says a lot about how much these savage soup cookies value their whiteness and despise our Blackness. Fortunately, the events of last summer reverberated amongst the voters, and now the necessary changes are being made.

Some may look at this effort and resign it to hollow symbolism, but we should all be clear that removing ALL vestiges of racism and hate are important in the process of turning Amerikkka into America.

What say you? How do you feel about the changes being made to Alabama’s constitution? Hit the comment section and sound off!


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