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What is this? 1962?!

Police officers did a LOT of whining and moaning last year about “nobody likes us”, “we’re being treated unfairly”, “not ALL cops…” The fact of the matter is that the public has seen far too many instances of f-boys in blue abusing their power and abusing innocent people. Today, we can add yet another example of said behavior to the long and ever-growing list of police brutality against Black people.

According to PEOPLE, 3 unnamed Missouri police officers from Woodland Terrace are being investigated by the FBI after thousands of people caught wind of a viral video that was first shared on Facebook. The footage shows the officers allowing a police dog to continuously bite an unarmed and cooperating Black man for no reason whatsoever.

Let the Woodland PD tell it, they were responding to a call about a trespasser and encountered the man leaving the area. They say he threatened to kill the officers but had no weapon on his person. After ignoring their calls to stop walking and being advised that he was under arrest, the man resisted. They also claim that the man, who has not been charged with a single crime, was under the influence of narcotics and in possession of methamphetamine. We won’t be taking their word for it.

As you might imagine, local activists like Zaki Baruti are very angry.

“We were outraged by the vile and despicable behavior of the Woodson Terrace police officers,” Baruti told The St. Louis Dispatch while the Rev. Darryl Gray, also attending the protest, called the officers’ actions “reprehensible and inexcusable.”

We can’t fully trust the FBI to do the right thing either but hopefully, all these cops get exactly what is coming to them.


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