Michaela And Zack Go To Salsa Class On 'Married At First Sight'

#MAFS Exclusive Clip: Gil Wonders Why Michaela Won’t Dance With Zack During This 8-Count Conundrum

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Two “Married At First Sight” couples went on an awkward double date and BOSSIP’s got an exclusive first look at what went down.

On tonight’s episode of #MAFS, Michaela and Zack, who are still struggling to bounce back after their miscommunication blowup, join Myrla and Gil, who are finally kissing and are the most solid couple, for a salsa class.

Michaela and Zack

Source: Amber Charles Photography / Kinetic Content

Michaela and Zack

Source: Amber Charles Photography / Kinetic Content

During the class, things go left when Michaela stumbles through the steps and ultimately refuses to participate leaving Zack to dance with the instructor. Champagne Vinny, is that you?!

When Gil asks Michaela why she won’t at least try to learn the dance steps with Zack, she nonchalantly says she “did.”

“I had a great time,” says Michaela about the class. “I just didn’t wanna do it, period. That’s it. Nothing wrong with it, sometimes you just don’t want to do something.”

“Are you like that about everything?” asks Gil. “Let’s say he wants to do it, you won’t try it ’cause he wants to?”

“I did!” replies Michaela.

“Okay, that’s trying?” asks Gil.

Ultimately Michaela doubles down on just “not wanting to try” in a cringeworthy moment.

Check out an exclusive clip below.


Lord, Michaela.

This 8-count conundrum is the latest complication in Michaela and Zack’s marriage. Last week, an intimacy exercise ended with Zack admitting that he’s doubtful of their future.

“Right now I can’t see a future, it is doubtful,” said Zack. “But I am holding out hope.”

That comment apparently made Michaela feel “helpless.”

Do YOU think Michaela and Zack can get back on the right track?

Tune in to #MAFS tonight at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime. 

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