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Welcome to the internet where unsolicited comments, opinions and advice are offered! Ice-T speaks out against the internet bullies who have something to say about his daughter’s nails.

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If you’re a parent or follow a few parents on social media then you know parents go crazy when it comes to posting about their kid. Ice-T’s wife, Coco Austin, is no different and posted an adorable first day of school picture showing their daughter in the nail salon on Instagram. In the picture baby girl is smiling from ear to ear while showcasing her freshly coated french tip manicure.

“School picture day!!” Coco wrote on Instagram back on Sept. 23. “For the special occasion, I let Chanel do mini tops to her nails…I love doing her hair…my little doll baby is what I call her….@BabyChanelNicole.”

While many followers commented with hearts and kind words, a select number of haters had something negative to say.

“Too young for nails” one person said and another commented “Why she got tips but still breastfeed is she a baby or a young woman?” Whew it’s a lot of sad moms in the comment section.

Those in support commented saying “Chanel always understands the assignment ❤️” and “Her lil picture day nails cute. Regardless of what these ppl say. Folks love parenting other ppl kids.” Another follower commented “Just here to remind everyone it cost $0.00 to mind ya damn business if you don’t agree with someone else’s parenting lifestyle.”

Sure enough Ice-T spoke out against the hate and fully supports his wife’s decision to let their 5-year old daughter Chanel wear French tip nails. While doing an interview Thursday morning on The View, Ice-T had a few things to say!

“Rule 1 on the internet: Do not pay attention to what anyone says. Worry about the people that walk up to you and say things in your real life. Those are the people you should be concerned with. The internet is the world. It’s the world talking, so I don’t pay attention.”

He also went on to say that “everybody parents differently” and that “every house has its own Constitution, we’re doing ok, our baby’s ok.”

Host Whoopi Goldberg chimed in saying, “Mind yo business” in true black auntie fashion.

“I always love when people say, ‘They say.’ Who’s they? The internet? I don’t pay attention to that!” said Ice-T

This isn’t the first time Ice-T and Coco have faced criticism for their parenting. After Internet trolls slammed Coco for still breastfeeding her daughter at the age of 5, Ice-T clapped back on Twitter.

“News Flash! We feed Chanel FOOD…” he tweeted out “She just likes to suck moms boob every now and then… Me Too!!!”

The world, especially the internet, will always be a judgemental place but as you can see Ice-T has no tolerance for it. He even has “Talk Shit Get BLOCKED” in his bio on Instagram so just know he’s not the one to be played with.

Do you agree with Ice-T and Coco? Would you let you 5-year old wear french tips? Let us know below!



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