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The alleged Texas school shooter has been released on $75,000 bail as the family claims he was bullied, beaten, and stripped naked leading up to the incident.

Shooting At Timberview High School In Arlington, Texas

Source: Stewart F. House / Getty

Earlier this week, news broke that a school shooting occurred at Timberview high school in Arlington, Texas. Many thought the worst and assumed with the pandemic restrictions in Texas being non-existent, that we were back to tragedy striking our schools.

When the picture of the suspected shooter surfaced, many started to doubt the story that this was a standard-issue school shooter. The shooter left the school and while the building was evacuated, a manhunt ensued. The hunt ended when Timothy George Simpkins turned himself in alongside his lawyer.

Yesterday, he was released on a $75k bond and ordered to home confinement. His family and lawyer also shed light on how the situation occurred, with civil rights attorney Kim T. Cole speaking at length to the press.

“There are numerous school shootings that have occurred across this country which are tragic. All school shootings are tragic,” Cole said. “However, in this situation, this was not someone who was just out to go and shoot a school and had made up their mind [and said,] ‘You know hey I’m upset and I’m just going to shoot anyone I see.’”

“That was not the situation here. So I request the media correct their narrative with regard to what happened, and that you all respect the family’s privacy,” she continued.

Timothy was reportedly beaten, taunted, and harassed on a daily basis by bullies at school with no help from teachers. His father was recently killed after being beaten to death and he feared for his life that it would happen to him, too, according to the family in social media posts.

“Recently he was ambushed by a group of young males outside of school, stripped of his clothing in front of a crowd of onlookers, and robbed of his money and possessions. He has been humiliated and stripped of his dignity on more than one occasion which led to him being fearful to go to school or even leave our home without an adult.”

This is a sad situation that’s all too common in schools, but violence is never the answer as four people were hurt in the incident and a teacher who broke up the fight was shot in the back. The main student in the situation was shot four times and will need more surgeries in the future. The family of the victim has started a GoFundMe to help with the cost of upcoming surgeries.




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