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The FBI is crediting Youtube for helping them solve the murder of FBG Duck along with the indictment of five Chicago gang members.

Commentary: Violent death of rapper King Von reminds us how people across the country are dancing to the music of revenge and murder in Chicago

Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

Last August, Chicago rapper FBG Duck, real name Carlton Weekly, was murdered while attempting to leave a populated shopping area on East Oak street. The murder caught the eye of federal and local authorities due to the boldness of the murder, happening in broad daylight in a populated area, and because of his status as a rapper. The way the murder was executed was a message in the eyes of authorities and usually, every action has a reaction that could harm bystanders in the future.

According to reports from ABC 7 Chicago, after the murder, police began working the case and on Wednesday, they unsealed an 11-page indictment that revealed Youtube played a helping hand in finding the five gang members involved in the murder. The FBI stated during their press conference the artists are making Youtube videos taunting others and threatening them with acts of violence in their music videos. In most cases, the gangs were carrying out the threats with the same guns that were in the music videos they posted. They even urged the police to pay attention to social media because it gives you answers to everything happening in the city.

You can watch below as the detective explains just how easy it was to attach conspiracy charges for Marcus Smart, 22, Charles Liggines, 30, Kenneth Robertson, 28, Tacarlos Offered, 30, and Christopher Thomas, 22.



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