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Close the whole damn school down!

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Last summer BOSSIP reported on this exact same Florida high school after a Black family received an intensely racist letter following the graduation of their straight-A twin girls Xanah and Xarah Sproul. Racism in Florida is par for the course but dammit we are not about to let it slide!

According to a Newsweek article, Yulee High School is again embroiled in racist controversy after several white students got together to record a video brimming with racist slurs while wearing KKK hoods. At one point during the hate-filled Snapchat video, one of the students says, “Hold on, you see that? It’s a n*****” and points to the camera. This video was then sent directly to a group of Black students at the school. In response to the racist attack, the students ran down on the offending soup cookies and laid hands on them in order to deliver them from evil. Here’s what Nassau County Public School Assistant Superintendent Mark Durham had to say:

“It resulted in a physical altercation involving several students. Disciplinary actions consistent with the district’s code of conduct have been given to students involved in the altercation and in sending the Snap Chat video.”

The parents of the Black students are PISSED that the school would attempt to discipline their children for defending themselves against the satanic soup cookie classmates.

One, Melissa Ricks, said she was “enraged” after her son received the video.

“No one deserves that…it is 2021 and until people start screaming…nothing is going to change,” she said. “I have never felt rage like this in my life. In my life. To know that this video was sent directly to my kid.”

Can’t blame her. Hell, we wouldn’t blame Melissa if she ran down on one of those kids’ parents because those white kids did NOT learn that type of behavior from TV and movies. No tellin what type of stuff their parents say about Black people inside the kkkomfort of their homes.



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