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On Friday, the Alabama state judicial ethics court removed Probate Judge Randy Jinks with a unanimous ruling. According to NBC News, the court determined the Talladega County judge repeatedly violated Alabama’s Canons of Judicial Ethics by “failing to conduct himself at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.” Jinks was disciplined after a hearing to consider testimony and character witnesses. The 65-year-old judge was suspended since the Judicial Inquiry Commission issued a 78-page formal complaint that includes over 100 misconduct and workplace harassment allegations.

Since he was sworn in for a six-year term in January of 2019, colleagues claimed Jinks made his workplace “uncomfortable” at best and a living hell at worst in the Talladega County Probate Office. When he wasn’t allegedly regularly using profanity, throwing tantrums, or having meltdowns over things like a missing sandwich, Jinks allegedly tried to use his position as a judge to broker personal favors.

The former judge’s greatest hits include allegedly sharing pornography and graphic sexual conversations with colleagues. Coworkers allege he was known for leering at and making disparaging comments about women’s bodies. In response to a picture of a coworker on her wedding day, Jinks reportedly said, “Don’t ever marry a woman. She’ll get fat.” He also used his government-issued cell phone to browse online sex shops and look at provocative pictures of women, allegedly.

The only Black employee in Jinks’ office, Darrius Pearson, was allegedly subjected to non-stop racism from the Trump wannabe. Pearson says that Jinks often mouthed racist slurs at him, joked that Floyd “got what he deserved,” and accused Pearson of being a drug dealer because he had a nice car.

“I seen that car. I’m the judge, and I can’t even afford a Mercedes,” Pearson claims Jinks told him. “What are you doing? Selling drugs?”

Jinks reportedly read a racist meme out loud about Black Lives Matter protestors.

“Y’all got to stop burning sh*t down! You sons of b****s are going to need something to burn down after Trump gets re-elected for a second term, sons of b****s.”

He also allegedly gave Pearson a birthday card with a cartoon donkey and cow that read,

“Thought you’d like to see some teats and a** on your birthday!”

None of Pearson’s coworkers, who are all women, agreed to sign the card. Pearson quit working in Jinks’ office last November.

Like many Republican elected officials, Jinks has no legal expertise or background. For some reason, in most Alabama counties, being an attorney or even having a law degree aren’t required for probate judges who preside over adoptions, guardianships, marriage licenses, and committing people to mental health facilities. How awful did this guy have to be for Alabama to say this incompetent, childish, vulgar, sexist, racist, White man was unfit for office after four years of Trump? The commission hardly ever goes as far as actually removing a judge from the bench. The most significant exception was Roy Moore, who was fired two times from his position as the Alabama Supreme Court chief justice for defying court orders.

No charges were filed against Jinks, but at least he’s out of a job just like his little President.



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