Coupled Up: Kim K and Reggie Serve Up Some Swirl Love Courtside

- By Bossip Staff

Kim and Reggie were spotted courtside at New Orleans Arena taking in a game looking happier than ever.  A couple more pics of Kimmy Cakes and swirlin Reggie under the hood.

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  • lala

    Reggie bush kim k haters will be comin out n 5…4..3..2..1..

  • Gimmeabreak78


    And you know this—MAN! lol

    Kim is looking more and more like her mother every day to me.

  • LoveItAll

    They look sooo damn fine together….Ppl who STILL criticize interracial dating need to STOP THE IGNORANCE…be bitter all you want, but it’ll continue to grow and grow…all love is beautiful!

  • Choco

    No hating comn from me-but Reggie is not as cute as folks may think….

  • LaDiva

    Lol haters beware…lol

  • LaDiva

    @ LoveItAll

    Thank u for saying that…All love is beautiful.

  • LoveItAll

    LMAO is that Yung Berg next to them? Hate that guy…

  • LoveItAll

    No hating comn from me-but Reggie is not as cute as folks may think….
    I agree….his face is OKAY….but his BODY IS RIDICULOUS!! mmmm remember that he is ONLY like 24

  • Choco

    Yeah he does have mad body but I can not get over his nose and lip area and no lie-I saw him in a recent pic with Kim and I thought he was Fabolous LMAO…smh

  • LoveItAll

    sunglasses during the whole game Regg? I swear he’s ALWAYS blowed off that good…eyes always red and chinky….bet he be gettin Kim high too teehee how cute..

  • lala

    They do make a cute couple, hope she gets what she wants, but until then she needs to stuff a cork in it and let the man do his job. Things come to those who wait, ask LaLa.

  • LoveItAll

    LOL @ him looking similar to Fab ! OH NO!!

  • Choco

    I have to agree with her putting a cork in it-nothing worse than a bish acting and sounding desperate…but I like them as a couple and I think they look good together….

  • Mrs. Stacks

    Do You Reggie and Kim.

  • LaDiva

    @ choco

    I agree. They do make a nice looking couple. Although I should say Kim should not keep pressuring Reggie to marry her…

  • afrodite

    ok, forget you guys. i’ll do it. we don’t have to hate on them anymore cuz kim is obviously doing enough hating on herself.

  • deesac

    Yeah they do look good together, That Reggie what a lucky guy. While Ray J is still out there looking for love, don’t mess up a good thing fellas.

  • Macori, St. Maarten

    I think they make a really nice couple. Kim needs to chill on the plastic surgery though, it is beginning to make her look ugly.

  • MadeByChevy25

    How cute… they holdin in there I see

  • when keepin it real goes wrong

    This is cute..go Reggie and Kim

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...87 Days!!!


  • BeaLady

    I wish the word hater would DIE off. I’m not against interracial dating in any sense of the word & they are a cute couple but I don’t find the Kardashians entertaining. Am I hating? If you think so, I’ll live.

  • Gmen

    nikka  u stupid as hell dat white ugly ho is just pu$$y dont marry her u dumb mathaf’cka!

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it REAL

    OMG she is starting to look like L’il Kim – especially in the last picture.

    SMH – she used to be so pretty. Reggie looks too good for her.

    But hey – to each his own. I truly wish them the best!

  • PrettyEverday

    I think they are adorable together but she’s starting to look like her mother, stop with the surgeries Kimmy Cakes

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