Soulja Boy: Game Over

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

It would appear as though the war between “good hip-hop” and “wack hip hop” will be on hold indefinitely:

“Basically comments were made (by Ice-T) and I had to defend myself,” Soulja Boy explained. “The GZA had said something about me one time and 50 jumped in it. And this time it was Ice-T and Kanye jumped in it. It’s the new Hip-Hop sticking together and I love it.”

“Look how many people came out with records last year: ‘Party Like a Rockstar,’ ‘A Bay Bay,’ ‘Wipe Me Down,’” Soulja Boy reasoned. “He (Ice-T) chose me because out of all those records mine was the biggest one. And [it was] not just the record but me individually.”

After the disrespectful remarks made by both sides on each other’s musical contributions to Hip-Hop, which are significant, Soulja Boy also welcomes closure to the unnecessary animosity. “It’s over with for me,” Soulja Boy stated emphatically.

Sounds like this little fella is declaring himself the official winner of this particular feud. Well at least it’s finally over and these guys can stop acting like a bunch of pansies.


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  • Aunt Viv


  • fdyryrhf

    He posted a profile on a dating site “**** C ASU ALSE EK.COM ****”. many of his fans were seeking for him and wanna date with him. now that club is very hot because of him.

  • Aunt Viv

    My gosh he looks like a little boy his daddy’s tacky clothing. I just don’t get him. SMH.

  • Earth Sign

    That cartoon was funny as ish

  • helloitsme

    5th! bout time they shut the f(@# up

  • Hannibal


  • Dark Cable

    He needs to get the “Coon of the Day” award for his outfit. What the hell is that? Jive ass, coon ass, and then we want someone to take us seriously while Coons like this are steadily undermining us.

  • geebz

    Ice T should be shamed. Soulja Boy is a child and is trying to do his thing and make his loot. Why not offer to take a nig under your wing? It’s easier for an old ass man to attack a child.

    That’s real pimp Ice T. Go hug you silicone white woman and shut the hell up! Trick!

  • WordzOfaProphet (I wudn't say it if I aint mean it)

    LMAO @ Hannibal

    that was actually the funniest ish I seen all morning. and seriously Im happy one of them decided to leave da mess alone and it shud have been Ice-T cuz he know he shouldn’t be acting like the grumpy old man who keeps the lil kids balls when they accidentally fly into his yard..LOL!!!

  • Vinandi

    They are both as equally wack as each other!

  • soulwoman

    Making money does not equate talent. I don’t agree with the comment about Soulja Boy soley distroying hip hop but he sure isn’t helping it.

    Ice T didn’t say what alot of others haven’t already said so I don’t know why people are tripping.

  • sniper

    I was hoping to see the beef go on though…

    What happened to the good ol days when battles lasted much longer.

  • Man, I just don't care

    Soulja Boy is definitely a “coon.” LOL

    He has about 12 minutes of fame left. His teenage market moves on quick. Look at all those “boy bands” in history. They hit that “20 something years old” mark and that’s a wrap.

    How old is he again?

  • The Bear

    Barrack’s plane landed safely though.


    Honestly do we care either way? I mean I feel what he is saying. He is the new (not better but new) breed of ringtone hip-hop that is currently sweeping the nation. It is what it is. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it like I don’t. But I did feel what Soulja Boy said, instead of insults teach him so he can be better, for the love of God help this boy out.

  • Jody

    let’s be honest–he has zero talent and is in the ten seconds of his fifteen minutes

  • jane

    I am just a bit curious..the magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported his

    profile was found on the famous rich men seeking affairs site ^^^ ukblackfriends. co m ^^^^ last week and he was seeking his sugar woman there.


  • DeLaRoCkA

    random ridiculousness !!!

    get a life people !!!

    its always a rap war – between looser and more looser

  • mystere21m

    I love Souljah Boy he’s a youngsta doing his thing Ice T is coon of the day. He needs to sit his old ass down and watch law & order. Put his teeth back in and stop tryin to launch his son’s career off Souljah Boy’s back.

  • bayouswampman

    Im glad it is but all of the songs he named are performed by far more talented artists & he should never compare himself to either of them. He is in the same catagory as ABC & Kris Kross. Ice-T should not have hated on the youngster though because his music shouldnt be for men his age anyway but for his kids. One more thing, what the hell is wrong with his clothes man? He looks like a damn fool.

  • Lou in the Chi

    I heard “Colors” in the Hancock movie this weekend and it so took me back. Ice-T was the ish.

    “I am a nightmare walking, psycopath talking…”

  • Ghost


    don’t compare ABC & Kriss Kross to Soulja Boy. Those two groups didn’t make songs with hidden meanings. You could play their songs without editing them.

    They could still be around if hip hop didn’t go down the road of thuggery and coonish. In fact ABC is still around (well 5 of them are) on Myspace. Kriss Kross are still alive, but I couldn’t tell you what they are doing.

    As for his clothes-you know Soulja Boy just has to show off the fact he either has a horse penis or a very large roll of quarters sticking out above his pants. In most of his youtube videos he is ALWAYS trying to show that thing off.

    Lorena Bobbitt-where are you when we need you?

  • bree

    After the disrespectful remarks made by both sides on each other’s musical contributions to Hip-Hop, which are significant,

    Soulja boy up in this o, watch me crank it, watch me is that significant?

  • Meeko From Detroit

    ohhhh hells to the naw…..

    SB is sooooo wack and Ice-T is even wacker…..

    hip hop has offically ran its course.

  • Lady Architect

    I’m glad this stupid feud is ending. Ice T was rude for talking to someone’s child like that and Soulja boy was rude talking to an adult like that point blank. This getup he has on it modern day baffonery, making him the laughing stock of white people. This shows what certain blacks would do for the love of money and a materialistic life, become the modern day puppet and clown.

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