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  • E

    soooo tacky. i used to like nikki… but now, w those crazy eyes, retarded flow, repetitive lines n this circus gettup, she’s not happening. NEXT!!!

  • http://twitter.com/damndrakefly me

    I actually like it. I don’t like the shorts, though. I’m getting tired of everyone else who are suddenly claiming to be Barbies, though. What are they going to do when Nicki Minaj gets a new gimmick???

  • honestly

    Nothing like a barbie…She looks like a chick out the strip club who doesn’t know what she wants to do in life.

  • Love1223

    Personaly I think her hair look good she can pull it off & she does not call her self a black barbie fool. Its Harajuku Barbie!!! She looks good…& its not her fault she got ppl wanting to be like her! that just shows how bad she really is! hhhaaaaa

  • pink girl

    *Tee* why shouldn’t black people wear pink??? and I wonder what you look like

  • E

    lil kim the jump off

    “…Black Barbie dressed in Bulgari
    I’m tryin to leave in somebody’s Ferrari…”

  • xia

    Lil’ Kim doesn’t look like a damn Barbie either. What normal human being…a grown one, at that…walks around imitating a damn doll? All the colored contacts, ridiculously dumb-looking clothes, implants, nose jobs, and whack weaves in the world aren’t enhancing either of these “women” appearance wise, and every time I see another person idolizing them, all I can do is SMH…it’s really quite sad.

    If Nicki Minaj decided she wanted to dress up like damn King Kong, you’d have fifty billion gorilla looking idiots walking around next week. SMH…

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