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Here’s a little bit of Bey for your morning enjoyment. Peep these pics from the set of Beyonce’s new flick “Obsessed.” Let’s hope she stepped up her acting skills for this one (but honestly, we don’t have our fingers crossed).

To top things off for Beyonce, word is her privacy had seriously been violated. Click HERE to learn about this official breach and what’s being done about it.

More pics from the set as well as a tender lil moment between Beyonce and her nephew Daniel at the Essence Music Festival are right under the hood.

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  • I Need Answers..

    1st….i really don’t like red hair on her.


    I Need Answers…

    I concur… I dont like that ish either!!! : )


    SHE IS THICK! #3

  • Lady Architect

    I don’t like the red hair they should’ve gone with black to tone her down. Smh at acting skills. She really has none, but when you are the producer than many time you will be the lead of the film cause you put up a lot of money for it. The plot of the movie is probably good and Idris Alba is great, but she should pick a real actress. One of the many great actresses we have out there.

  • Envy Me (Established in 1983)

    i like the red hair and the matching brows,something different for a change, i mean come on its only for the movie, we all know she’s no red head


    He has really grown up !!!



  • Envy Me (Established in 1983)

    @lady architect

    i do agree though, they should’ve picked a real ACTRESS for the part, their are many great actresses out there

  • Envy Me (Established in 1983)

    i meant there

  • abc

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  • Pisces Princess

    YES I mean she takes dance lessons singing lessons but no acting lessons I mean she must think thats her natural talent!!! LOL

  • najeeba
  • najeeba

    Stick with singing.

  • J

    daniel is gonna be a heartbreaker!

  • ILLY

    What happened to my boy Idris Elba’s butt in dem jeans????? Where did it go??? I too hope Beyonce stepped up her acting skills.

  • kai

    Me thinks thats really Beyonces child unexposed…Solange was made to be the cover lol…that or dna is really a wonderful thing…

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    At First I Thought That Was A Picture Of Her Mother

  • Jd

    She looks old.

  • Chaka

    Beyonce has the potential to act, but she needs a lot of coaching and work with her speaking voice.

  • Lou in the Chi

    beyonce brings in sells. That’s why she has the lead. All of her movies have been box office leaders in their open weekend (yes, even the dumb pink panther, and fighting temptations where in the top five). So as long as it makes money it makes sense.

  • WordzOfaProphet

    it might not go straight to DVD cuz Idris is her lead man and of course all the ppl obsessed with Bey no matter how bad she acts. The fighting temptations was a long time ago, and Carmen don’t even count cuz even her acting effed that up and most of the damn thing was singing…maybe she done stepped up, but anyways Im goin 2 c it cuz Idris will be on screen

  • dayg715

    why does she look so old? she looks about 40. and her acting is laughable, at best.

  • dayg715

    pink panther would have made money regardless; it’s a old classic, and it was steve martin. austin powers is already a money making franchise. she had nothing to do with those movies’ success. nobody even remembers she was in them. she needs to stick to singing; she is nobody’s actress.

  • I Need Answers..

    LMFAO @ pisces princess.

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    that first pic of her looking directly at the camera reminds me of Mama Tina aka Spicy Creole….I predict the older she gets the more she resembles her mama and the older Solange gets the more she resembles Papa Knowles

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