No More Yoga Lovin’

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Russell Simmons and his young tenderoni Porschla Coleman are no longer a couple:

Russell Simmons and Porschla Coleman will always have yoga, but they may not always have each other. In between deep breaths and green vegetable smoothies, the couple, who had been dating since last year, found time to frequent beaches and then move in together, but it’s time for Russell to Do Him! According to sources, Simmons recently called it splitsville, with a send off note in his Huffington Post blog that ran last Thursday. In his note, he congratulated Porschla for her recent certification in Jivamukti Yoga and gave her what reads like a glowing review before closing with “thank you for the inspiration.” The only thing left for him to say may have been, God Bless and Good Night!

Aww too bad. Maybe Russ will find someone his age this time. SMH.


View some pics of Porschla and BDR coming up next…

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  • rihanna

    russell alway look like an alien

    becareful rus dont marry this one

    she might just get you for your papers

    like kimora

  • Ro

    Exhale Russ!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    she will no longer have to deal with the “PATHETIC MANHOOD”

    he is (or i should say isn’t) packing in them swim trunks!

  • 6 Figgaz

    Her body is too right for that old-ass n*gga anyway. He was just runnin’ a short-term lease on that trick for a few months…

  • SMDH

    I guess she won’t be using that black man for an easier life.. Oh well… Some color struck black male will snatch her up and wife her!!!

  • necy

    WOW, her body is SICK !!!!! Damn

  • yanib

    I guess I missed something. Congratulating her on an achievement and thanking her for inspiration equals breaking up? On a public blog?

  • Doagae

    Next stop…the NFL….


    Russ neva did like women his age since I can remember; well I reckon its back to the catwalk to see what young thing catches his eye next. Russ may like them young but he ain’t no R. Kelly!!! Do ya’ thing BDR

  • sniper

    Now Russ can find the Man of his Dreams.

    I wonder if that author was right – that someone prominent was coming out this year

  • Get Togetha

    With a body and face like that she can have anyone.

  • bree

    so thanking someone for their inspiration = we’re over? really?..i may have to start using that..

    sidenote..her body is SICK!..

  • SMDH

    “Next stop…the NFL….”

    OKAY?? Or the NBA!!! It won’t be baseball or hockey, thats for sure!! All these non black girls know EXACTLY where to go to find a man to use.. They KNOW how hard they have to work for other wealthy men – but they know a black male will drop at their feet!! She’ll have another one taking care of her soon!!!

  • Wenzel Dashington

    How do I say goodbye to what we had?

    The good times that made us laugh

    Outweighed the bad.

    I thought we’d get to see forever

    But forever’s gone away

    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

  • SoSo

    hmmmm who didn’t see that coming?

  • Envy Me (Established in 1983)

    i bet Kimora is smiling quietly in the inside



  • Man, I just don't care

    Yup, definitely will be with one of those ballers (NBA/NFL). I bet they can’t wait either, she’s a banger.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Wow, I haven’t heard the term “golliwog” since my days back in Barbados.


    I agree, I didn’t know that thanking someone for being an inspiration = get out, it’s over, I’m done. But you learn something new everyday. Oh well good luck to both of ’em. And by the way, what does BDR mean?

  • 6 Figgaz

    @ bree

    Yeah, start using that – clear out your ol’ sh*t and make way for the new… and you already know who dat is…

  • SMDH

    “what does BDR mean”

    Blood Diamonds Russell.

    I guess he was caught up in the whole conflict diamonds thing!!

  • Another day

    In that case time for her to move on, find her a nice strong athlete or billionaire and start her own family one she will run because between Russy being an old Ho and Kimora blocking evey attempt for true happiness and peace, this was a dead end for her anyways

  • John



    Daxn, wonder what happened because to me she is way hotter than his ex. Oh well, I am SURE she will be alright.

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