Pittsburgh Teen Who Was Beaten And Had His Dreadlocks Pulled Out By Police Is Recovering

- By Bossip Staff

A teen violinist who was severely beaten by Pittsburgh police on January 12th and had his dreadlocks ripped out from his skull is recovering. 18 year-old Jordan Miles was approached by the police who thought he had a gun but what turned out to be a soda bottle under his coat.


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  • Missy


  • Hannibal


  • MisterGee

    Can you say, “sue to OBLIVION”?

  • Somali Ninga

    poor guy…

  • Mister_Filth

    Homie and his family bout to get PAID.

  • Gmen

    f’ck whites! i hate white ppl and Hannibal!

  • Sylmarvelous

    Even if I thought someone had a gun-pulling dreads out wouldn’t come to mind so I think that was dirty!…Not expecting this family to recieve any compensation cause people of color never win in these kinds of cases! You see the cops still got to keep their jobs! There’s some proof right there!

  • SMH

    thank god i’m not black and living in American it seems too much of a struggle over there….smh

  • Matt

    Yo gmen, don’t hate all whites just because of some stupid-ass police. I’m white and I’m on Jordan’s side. Police in this country have waaay too much power and not nearly enough intellect. These thugs-in-uniform deserve jail time and good beat down for what they did.

  • Minutemen

    I’m black, living in Pittsburgh, and I truly hate this goddamn wretched excuse for a city even more after hearing this. Stories like these are why I don’t even care when cops get killed anymore.

  • Minutemen

    Eh…F*ck America. I’m moving out.

  • derri

    i hope there is justice for this young man. fire those cops or at the very least put them on suspension. im sick of cops bein on these damn power trips and attackin innocent people like the thugs they are supposed to be protecting us from. CROOKED AZZ COPS U ARE A DISGRACE

  • Common Sense Ain't Common

    Wow. It’s sad that a million people can post on a thread about celebrities and a life that they’ll never know, but this reality gets less than 20 comments? This could have been anybody’s brother, son, or nephew. So sad.

  • ArabianGirl

    This is awful. 😦 I can’t deal with stories like this. Can you imagine just walking down the street minding your own business and all of a sudden you get brutally attacked by those that are supposed to be there for your protection, because they ‘suspect’ something? Unbelievable, really unbelievable. I trust in God to ease the pain in his heart and punish those who did him wrong.

  • nywoman23

    thats a b.s excuse. all they had to do was handcuff him and pat him down. i know its hard but i try maybe not hard, enough but i will get there. to not get mad and/or upset about certain things . why ? because karma is really a bit^h

  • JC 'o Bklyn

    No matter how much training these cops go through, they’ll continue to prejudge & killed young black men.

  • deesac


  • Darth H8ter

    I don’t care if he had 10 pounds of crak on him, this was abuse. He plans to study CSI, at least he has first hand experience. In retrospect, the a$$ beating was worth it for the millioooonnnnnnns he is about to get. If his background is as good as it is being reported, increase that settlement by 50%!

  • hater

    the hatered in some white people have towards blacks is too deep….. a heart with so much hate must be heavy to carry all your life…

  • Tara (Rebel to the Madness...)

    Please family get an attorney and fight for your son’s case!! Or learn about the laws, through textbooks and such, and then go against the police officers in this case.


    Unacceptable. I hope he finds the right muscle to get full vindication and compensation.

  • Da_Truth


    @ Hannibal,
    Ohhh…it’s f**k the police, now that another brotha got attacked, but for some reason, the sistas are not exempt from your wrath! Yous a damn idiot..what happens to brothas, has and does happen to black women as well. We are fighting the SAME battles. You may want to shake that separatist attitude you have and recognize who your real enemies are sweetie..clearly, it’s not the sistas. And you want to quote Tupac..you should also mention that he made songs to UPLIFT black women rather than tear us down. He also said that a black man should never turn against a black woman for any reason. Maybe you should think about that the next time you decide to diss black women!

  • Karen

    This is so scary for all of the good boys and young men out here. Even if the youngster was up to no good, selling drugs n such, he doesn’t deserve this type of beating. People change, especially children. It is a violation of his civil rights to be beaten like this. Definitely, criminal proceedings and civil proceedings against these police officers are in order. Just like everyone else that commits a crime, cops are not above the law. God bless this young man, his family and the families of the officers. The officers will/should lose everything they’ve worked for and their families will suffer.

  • Mock Rock Star

    D*MN!!! I hope he gets compensated since he is innocent and these police get fired.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Emmet Till

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