Poor Thang: Evander Holyfield Cannot Afford to Pay His Child Support Payments

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, Evander Holyfield still can’t pay his child support:

Former boxing heavyweight Evander Holyfield is attempting to change up his child support payments — claiming he’s just not pulling in the cash he was 10 years ago. According to documents filed last month in Cobb County Superior Court in Georgia, Holyfield wants his agreement with ex-wife Janice Itson from 2000 modified because his “income has decreased.” The docs also say he now has other children “for whom he is also responsible to support.” According to his Wiki page, Holyfield has “at least” 11 children.

Damn, Evander. We bet he’s mad that his knock-off George Foreman grills never popped off. Poor thang.


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  • 2Sweet

    GOLD…11 kids? Fuggin idiot.

  • Whats Next?

    kids with him……hell naw!

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  • Sydney™

    I found the below excerpt from a 1998 Sports Illustrated article, which reports that Holyfield then had at least 9 children — He appears to have the procreation proclivities of a canine:

    “ATLANTA (AP) — Two days after retaining his IBF and WBA heavyweight titles, and only one week after his second wife gave birth to their first child, Evander Holyfield admitted that he has fathered two children out of wedlock in the past year with previous girlfriends.

    Holyfield now has nine children — the newborn Elijah Jedidiah to his wife, Janice; three with his first wife, Paulette, from whom he has been divorced since 1991; and five others born out of wedlock to four women.

    Holyfield made the admission in an interview published in Tuesday’s editions of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.”

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  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    11 kids? damn! I feel him on not banking what he @ one time used to however,11 kids? by how many different women? This is why these black pro-athletes as well as entertainers need to slow down with that baby making when their @ their prime because once the checks stop coming in? this is what happens

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    @sydney: he has 9 children @ least with 6 woman? whoa..this madness has got to stop amongst some of these black men,especially when they have the means

  • DenialRiver

    Uhh, madness among Black men? Granted, he’s certified trifling…but this madness would end tomorrow if women asked just 5 little questions on their next date:

    1) Do you have kids?
    2) Why are you not with their mother(s)?
    3) What do you provide them in the way of financial support?
    4) What do you provide them in the way of emotional support?
    5) How do you plan to provide sufficient emotional and financial support to any kids that we might have together when you already have other kids?

    The trifling aspect is shared by all parties but the buck stops with women. It’s 2010. Nobody can put a baby inside of you without your consent.

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  • Zoogley

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    well said @denial river…..its time for these women to stop looking at children as two legged annuities…you hear me kelis?

  • ejdollaz

    11 children and this nergo talks about Mike Tyson being a womanizer? lol

    ya filthy bastards

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    @denialriver: true,very valid points! Bottom line is both parties have to do their part because it takes 2 to make a baby

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Do doctors not offer vasectomies where he lives?

  • moneymagnet

    The sad thing is it’s obvious that NONE of these women cared about him because if they did, ONE OF THEM would’ve stashed some of that cash and made a few investments. That’s why it’s important to deal with a smart women, bimbos only want to shop and take you to court when the money runs out.

  • http://deleted CriticXtreme

    This is an emergency and I normally wouldn’t suggest this. But because of the brainless acts and you and your lady prowler, you need a reality show to pay your child support payments. How dumb can you be? 11 kids by 4 women? You should have realized after the 1st kid that you were a walking/talking ATM. A second idea would be to put that dress back on and do 3 years worth of those horrible Taco Bell ads. Damn~!

  • R in NYC formerly of ATL


  • Well Alright......

    Eleven children?! What the heck was he thinking?! Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time.

  • Shawn Plastick

    If you get mad then this is YOU! A lot of Black women{im black} use kids as paychecks period! They could care less about how much time a man spends with his child! The courts could care less either, they just want that check forget if you spend time with the kid. The system was designed to DESTROY the BLACK HOME! This been goin on since the early 80’s and just been passed down from Babymoma to Babymoma. What happens when the kid turns 18, fatherless or really confused as to what a FATHER’s role is in the home, and the checks run out? Women need to stop this cycle, a Man will only DO what you Let him. What happen to gettin to 1st base on a date? Nowadays its homeruns 1st date no condom the 5th date. Who’s to blame if YOUR body is a TEMPLE?

  • yeahisaiditworld

    He needs to go to Clepto Maniac Dollar and TD Jakes and get all that money back that he gave them pulpit bytchazzes! What in da hell is he doing with 11 kids? *SMDH&

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