Matt Kemp’s Past is Coming Back to Haunt Him: Back in 2002, Matt was Accused of Rape???

- By Bossip Staff

Allegations of abuse and threats were floating around last week about Matt Kemp and ex-girlfriend Felisha Terrell and it was all nipped in the bud with a quickness. Now, rumors of Matthew Kemp and two other men raping a girl back in high school are surfacing… DAYYUMM!!!

ATLANTA ( — Duke signee Shelden Williams and Oklahoma signee De’Angelo Alexander have been named in a rape complaint in Columbus, Ohio, according to a report in The Oklahoman.

Both Williams, the nation’s No. 5 senior according to, and Alexander, a top 30 senior by some publications, attend Midwest City High School in Oklahoma. Three other Midwest City basketball players are also a part of the rape investigation, according to the report.

A 19-year-old woman filed a report with Columbus police on Sunday morning alleging Williams, 18, Alexander, 17, and Matthew Kemp, 17 forced her into sexual conduct at the Columbus Hyatt Hotel at about 2 a.m. Sunday morning while two other players watched, according to The Oklahoman.

The Midwest City team was in Columbus, Ohio, to compete in the National Hoops Classic basketball tournament.

No charges have been filed and no arrests have been made. However, Columbus police have questioned Williams and Alexander.

“Detectives are looking at the case at this point,” Columbus police spokesman Sherry Mercurio told The Oklahoman.

Williams, Alexander and Kemp are all starters on the Midwest City basketball team. The other two players have been accused of “being in the room when it happened and are part of the investigation,” Mercurio told The Oklahoman.

All five players have been suspended from the team pending the investigation. Williams is a 6-foot-9 forward and Alexander is a 6-5 guard.

Midwest City is Oklahoma’s top-ranked team in 6A and has been ranked in the top 15 nationally.

Even though the incident was reported, charges were never filed. According to The WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL reported on March 9, 2002:

The prosecutor’s office in Columbus, Ohio, will not pursue charges against Shelden Williams, a Duke basketball recruit, and four of his high-school teammates stemming from a rape complaint in January.

Ron O’Brien, the prosecutor for Franklin County, made the decision yesterday. He and Angela Canepa, the director of Columbus’ Sexual Abuse Unit, reviewed an evidence packet compiled by Columbus police about the incident before the decision was made.

Also, Matt’s teammate, Shelden Williams who was being recruited by Duke at the time made a statement as well:

The woman’s accusations false. We were in our room getting ready to go to bed, and someone came in, and things got out of hand, and then Coach came in and broke it up,” he said, declining to elaborate. He said he and his teammates had been suspended from school and kicked off the basketball team.

Anytime someone’s name is associated with the word rape, that is never a good look. Plus the fact that Felisha did put a temporary restraining order on him and took it off, doesn’t help the situation.

Like we said before and we will say it again… RIHANNA, RUN!!!!!

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  • Gmen


  • Pookie

    Leave them be!!!!

  • Gmen


  • resurrected

    Don’t know what is true but that is what happen when you do dirt to other people and at this point even Rihanna should be thinking deeper about her career… All the sites are posting that being in a relationship with Rihanna is career suicide but she need to be wiser as well..

  • Sassy I

    You guys are so full of it where was all of this investigation into Matt Kemp’s pass when he was dating Letoya.

  • Gmen


  • resurrected

    1/25/10, 10:28:am

    I was about to say that but in this new age of craziness that we are getting adapted too no one even knows there type anymore of the reason why do get into or attached themselves to the things that they do… Do this relationship even have any reason interests or real attachment…

  • Rihanna's Forehead

    Everyone knows that Matt is her rebound.

  • resurrected

    S*****y I

    Well people rarely care about yesterday and only today matters and for some reason she is the new face of scapegoat just like CB was the face of abuse…

  • resurrected

    Rihanna’s Forehead
    1/25/10, 10:33:am

    Everyone knows that Matt is her rebound.


    Or she is his rebound it is hard to tell with these two… Most likely he is older and grimier…

  • tmnola

    Matt’s situation with Felisha isn’t really sewed up either because Felisha’s attorney for that case came out over the weekend, saying she was truthfully threatened and verbally abused by Kemp and the attorney hopes Felisha will be able to one day speak the truth about the situation.

    I hope Rihanna acts wisely no matter who she dates. No man can help you gain self-love and respect.

  • Bacqui

    Our Boring Publicity Stunt Couple,,This Fake Relationship Will Be Over In Some Few Seconds!

  • MadeByChevy25

    Like I said before RiRi just can’t catch a break… WTH.

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  • MsYoungGifted&Raw

    lol..ummm MATT should be the one runnin from RIHANNA…now b4 dude even hooked up with riri NOBODY WAS talkin about that hes with her all hell is breakin loose..just like when CHRIS hooked up with her…and now he has NOOO CAREER…the same will go for MATT…..SO MATT U BETTER RUUUUUN FOREST RUN FOREST RUNNNNNNN…LMAO

  • Slap Your Mother

    I think he should be the one running. You know them gyal that like bad boys then cry when the boys treat em bad. Let her carry on playing with fire…

  • Adrienne K

    She never seems happy in these pics w him. He is always all smiles and she never looks the same. Looks like he is into her more…than she is him. With Chris….she was Always smiling.

  • Choco

    Well I won’t judge but WOOOW at all the speculation surrounding them….

  • WhoCares

    See now, when folks start dealing with “Mega Stars” they can forget about their past being left private! He should’ve known, even though he wasn’t charged, that mere affiliation would make headlines. Unfortunate. I see Daywalker in here huffing, puffing and fussing again. *Sigh*

  • Obamadrama

    they are accusations and nutn more. Where is the proof and conviction?

  • florida_girl

    where is truth teller this morning because this chick said this last week that more stories will be coming out about Matt…good looking out on the scoop…lol.. ok back on topic: regardless if this is true or not its not worth it and I said from the beginning this was a PR move on both there sides and they are paying for it but I have to believe that Rihanna’s camp knew about Matt’s past by her being a A-list artist and all…


    Rihanna needs to find herself first before she enters into another realtionship. Please! do something about that raggedy azz weave. lol


    matt is a dead beat and rihanna can do better any rihanna stan who agree with this relationboat
    dont mean rihanna any good…

  • http://Bossip Money Ova Men "Tasty"

    I said A$S right Ti dd ys juiccy neva fat feelat

  • tg

    RiRi won’t be able to find a man the way you guys keep investigating them. Why are we worried about this – if no one else seems to be worried about it. Let RiRi’s parents worry about it – but frankly I DON”T CARE

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