Melyssa Ford is in “Kontrol” Wrapped Around Some Chocolate Cakes…

- By Bossip Staff

Melyssa Ford is constantly letting everyone know that she is taking charge of her career and ridding herself of the title “video-hoe.” Melyssa covers the up-coming issue of Kontrol magazine. Normally, the focus is on her but in the pic under hood, all we can say is… Good Gracious of Life, Now that is a Nice Set of Cakes…


Kontrol is the same magazine that Teyana Taylor and Teairra Mari covered. Check out the rest of their pics below:

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  • pynk♥{On my "Kanye's Work-Out Plan" tip, LoL :)}

    Ok, this Teyana Taylor character… Who is she? & What is she known for??? I’m confused…

  • Bacqui

    WTF Is Teyana Taylor Being Interviewed For??? Who Gives A Sh!t About This Fugly Child!!!,,

  • KeepNit2Real

    pynk♥{On my “Kanye’s Work-Out Plan” tip, LoL :)}

    1/25/10, 11:03:am

    Ok, this Teyana Taylor character… Who is she? & What is she known for??? I’m confused…


    you have to admit Pynk….she makes a great photog subject though. =]

  • Choco

    LOL at Made- nappy ponytail

    And yeah that chocolate candybar is looking FOINE…but Melyssa still being depicted as a hoe look at all the men surrounding her—

  • Conte


    I have to say you are 100% correct with both of your comments. LOL


  • afrodite

    he’s a god. he looks absolutely chiseled out of stone. mmm…i’m actually jealous of her in that pic

  • afrodite

    black men are just the best, hands down. other men don’t even seem like men in comparison

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    wash ya a**

    1/25/10, 11:35:am

    @ glok9

    even tho you say it in the most hood ghetto way possible , your comments are always on point.


  • tb

    Not a good look…she is surrounded by Zesty men!

  • brandimus

    we love them chocolate cakes

  • Whaaa?

    He’s foine! All that chocolately goodness…

  • Gmen

    f’ck all self-hating nikkaz who does same fake azz mixed light-skinned kids and kills my black race!

  • Realest

    I have to agree with you on MELISSA FRAUD… I’m tired of black women with big butts and no damn brain to support it.. That’s why I only date white and Indian girls…

  • Gmen

    I’m happy and proud to be real dark-skinned black men!

  • Gmen

    My girlfriend is still white though.

  • Gmen

    fake azz Gmen

    My girlfriend is still white though.

    lol hahahhaha u wack!

  • Gmen

    we need more real dark-skinned black kids in america!

    i have finished an here next will be a fake azz Gmen lol hahahahahahah!

  • grant

    she keeps saying this yet what has she done but market herself in bikinis or do magazine covers? What is she doing that is so big???

  • 2Sweet

    @Gimmeabreak78 you are so on point with that!!! Why can’t she get it thru her thick man-skull that she made a name off her booty and nothing else! Now she has expired and it’s her time to STFD! Nobody cared about what she had to say 10 years ago, and they damn sure don’t now!!

  • Somali Ninga

    @ Gmen
    My girlfriend is still white though.

  • FGM

    R these Magazines I should be easily running across? I never see em, or i gotta go to my local hood struggling african shop to get em? idk…and IDK about Mford, her steez is wassup, she’s def handling her bus, but that face??? it’s still borderline butta ry to me? idk,idk..

  • rothschild

    fake body parts. other than that, shes ok. seems really humble. i bet she thinks she’s “light-skinned” tho! lmao.

  • noelle

    Is her cd coming out?

  • bristol

    Gisele did this same type of photoshop like 4 months ago

  • RudeJudeCuh

    Melyssa is bad.

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