New Jamie Foxx Jawn “Quit Your Job” Is Comedy

- By Bossip Staff

Jamie Foxx is back in the studio doing his music thing, but clearly he’s blurring the lines between his singing career and his love of comedy because his lyrics are pretty dayumm silly! Pop the hood for a listen

“She fix me pancakes… got me licking out the plate!” Pretty funny… but nothing is funnier than that curl Jamie.

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  • MadeByChevy25


  • blkqueen39

    That’s alright Jamie you can drip your curls on me anytime baby!!!!

  • Conte

    A fake curl and a shag all in one. Awesome!!

  • Miss All That!!

    Jamie fox is the only successful black actor in Hollywood that has kept it real..

  • agelove

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  • Re- Just Laugh Sometimes

    LOL @ not getting up on time, and saying, “I quit.”

  • Stargurl

    hahahahah i love it! the melody is great this is tooo funny! its def NOT a serious world changing song you guys need to chill sometimes haha i cud imagine the commercial being fun and just LIGHT hearted hhaha

  • KeepNit2Real

    ROFLMAO!!! How can anyone take this song serious?

    The hook had me laughing so hard I couldn’t pay attention to the rest of it…haha!

  • Southernbreed

    Jamie always have me laughing and this had me in tears. Lol, “Oh Baby Shit”!

  • SamIAm

    @PRPPLE Nurple Lol!

  • thrasher

    *Smile* I so luv dis dude!

  • ericka the sh$# disturber

    “OH SHIT…” this is funny but i need to hear something more like “unpredictable” lol

  • tina

    Wow. I thought that he was gonna come correct with this singing thing. I’m still waiting.

  • msashley2004

    Whatever Jamie puts out I’m going to love it. I wish somebody will tell me to quit so I can stop putting up with people bull s***. Hell I Quit!!!!

  • why?

    I am surprised he chose this because he typically DELIVERS on his choice of music songs, this is sort of KIDDIE but maybe that is the demographic he is aiming for….
    Sounds like a song someone in jr. high would play for a girl he has a crush on….

    My rating: Neither good nor bad, I just hate he chose not to follow up with his previous CDs… Nothing is better than his UNPREDICTABLE CD

  • whatever


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