Some Morning Venus Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

If you happened to catch Venus Williams make it rain all over Italian tennis player Franesca Schiavone in the Australian Open this weekend, then you were probably wondering the same thing we were….is this broad wearing drawls???

Pop the hatch for another peek…

It’s obvious that her donk isn’t as robust as Serena’s but those little brown booty shorts are quite misleading…

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  • Alrighty Then...

    ain’t no way in HELL that girl got draws on!! And if they ridin’ the back like that, I know they all up in that COOCHIE COO TOO! YUCK!

  • Alrighty Then...

    Platinum… her booty looks like it stanks…

  • pickel

    This is stale news. Next

  • Sole Soul Jah

    She has looks good and why are people all up in her like that,..she is not the type of person to put herself out there like that. Separate the Attention Wh*res from women with a purporse.

  • Alrighty Then...

    Oh, were the “boyshorts” supposed to TAKE THE PLACE of the underwear? I guess… I always thought the tennis “shorts” under their gear was just that, SHORTS, not underwear.

  • Miss All That!!

    PEWWWWWWWW!! I smell onions, poo, and fish! flesh colored undies gross..

  • MadeByChevy25

    Her and those flesh tone drawers again lol you gotta love her.

  • Drenk


  • undressingHER

    i dont see anything…

  • http://bossip ......

    she wants you to think she’s not wearing any. thats why she wore the same color as her skin. You famous already, stop seeking attention. We see and know you just by your talent alone!

  • tb

    Her a$s is eating her drawers.

    On another note, is her a$s ashy?


    She’d still get it………

  • Shut up!


    Thank you! A bunch of broke a$$ haters….Who cares she can wear whatever she wants and still kick tail on the court and make tons of cash off the court!

  • LaDiva

    @ Shut up!


  • Des

    @Alrighty Then

    You funny yo! LOL!! it looks like she needs some lotion or some on those cakes! But hey who gives a crap! we aren’t suppose to be looking at her butt right?


    Ahhhhhhh, how could it be like this??

  • Exit ----->

    Face is too busted. Gotta pass, she cant do nothing for me but point the way to a better looking chick.

  • TheOriginalBlkBarbie

    Guess the shorts couldn’t contain the booty. Oh well, I’m sure she isn’t worrying about who sees it and who likes it and who doesn’t. She’s a champion. All she’s trying to do is win. She can worry about exposed booty later.

  • Miss All That!!

    Would you peel back those dark cheeks and take a sniff… Your nose might fall off from the funky fumes!!!!

  • mzdiva

    don’t worry bout her azz

    worry bout that azz whoopin


    She needs to give her grandma back her drawz. That stuff looks straight up musty, rusty and dusty.

  • candylicker


  • VanGogh

    These remarks reeks of vulgarity.

  • auchamp22

    she ain’t got the cakes her sister has, FAIL


    Anybody hating on one of the hardest working athletes in the game, in the history of any game. Shut yo dum a$$ mouth look at your girl and yall incomes… and multiply it times 100,000 you still would not come close to this chicks class,cake or cakes, style and grace. By the way how many chicks can play as hard as she does(WINNING GRAN SLAMS AND SHIII and look like a dime get outta here haters.

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