“Puffy is Poison”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Peep this video of some cat named Maronzio Vance talking about Diddy. Here’s a lil snippet:

“Everybody that Puffy comes into contact with are either dead, in jail or we don’t know where the f**k they at – or their careers have fallen out.”

Click HERE to watch this long but humorous and insightful commentary.

Shout out to Will!

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  • Hannibal


  • Envy Me (That MCM Bag in Bloomingdales is calling my name)

    yeah we know Puffy is poison….if he keeps F-in around with ALL these ladies in hollyweird his D**k goin be poison too

  • I Hate Puffy

    Puffy is a cancer and about time someone put his arrogant a$$ on blast.


    Puffy is greedy as hell and he screws over all of his artist that’s why he can’t keep anyone at badboy..I can’t stand his ass his large ego and whorish ways just disgust me.

  • http://www.myspace.com/feminynfire Insatiable_qt


  • ThatsBull00

    Everyone I know knows that signing to BadBoy is a curse not a blessing. Puffy dont want nobody more famous than him even if it makes him richer!

  • deafjam04

    Damn! This is so funny but he isn’t lying. I’ve been wondering the same thing about those talented artists. They were on top and all of a sudden BAM their gone. For those who want to get in the business, take heed, don’t go with Bad Boy.

  • mr.anderson


  • Ms. Leo

    This was hillarious! Day 26…number of days they’ll go without pay. I’m sure that’s come and gone. Many of those fallen artists…wow, that list was hella long too!

  • fdyryrhf

    He is said to be found by his fans on a dating site named ” C a s u a l S e e k . C o m “. They said most of his fans like to go that site to chat about this stars.

  • Lady elle

    he spoke the truth.

    oh my goodness he is funny….lol

  • LdyK

    I must admit i laughed out loud once or twice to this…was funny and artists need to take heed.



    What’s crazy is…he’s right! In fact he missed two. Whatever happened to Ness and Babs?

  • Another day

    Like he said he is broke and got nothing to do but sit around and think about Puffy.

  • Just for fun

    The day 26 w/o pay was funny.

  • Doagae

    I didn’t watch this video but I know this dude knows of what he speaks….Puffy is a cancer to any artist he has ever worked with, except Mary J. Blige….for real. Where the hell is Craig Mack?

  • beautiful b

    i love will hatcher i caught this form one of his links the other day, and this nucca Maronzio aint never lied!! j lo jumped ship on his court dates for a reason. she knew what was up.

  • LdyK


    E Ness was at some party in Philly recently…him and the other philly artists were doing something at a local club here. I saw no bling or anything but he was reppin!

  • http://www.nosite.com Angel88

    Puffy=Scorpio meaning their highly jealouse want power at any cost and will crush anything and anyone in their path to have that status power money.

    He also picks on people that are slightly weak but are well loved ruins them. lol kina funny because thats the only way you will achieve in this life I guess!!!!

    On the other hand showing love is always better!!

  • trista

    i can’t see the video b/c of firewalls, but from what i can see from the excerpt this cat is speaking truth! finally someone says what we all have been thinking. he doesn’t have any real calibur artists and those that had the potential have fallen off. yet, diddy has a star! interesting…

  • CodyCole

    “Shyne ain’t gone shine no mo. Shyne gone be dim when he get out.” LMBAO!!!

    So true. Never sign with Bad Boy.

  • stop playing!!!

    He is a comedian from NY…

    I’ve seen him before…

    He is hilarious!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/150821702 Bankable P

    i co-sign 100% on the video.

  • elly

    he called day 26 “112 lite” LMAO

  • Call Me Mrs. Jones

    Not only is dude funny but eeeeverything he said was true lol

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