Some Morning Cakes: Renee Divine

- By Bossip Staff

How ’bout some honey buns this morning to get the day started right? You’ll have to look under the hood to check out what Renee Divine is serving.

Shout out to Sean for introducing us to this lovely Trini!


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  • Fizzoni

    Where are the cakes?! where?!

  • Prime

    First … and probably last!!! YAAWWNNNN

  • Slap Your Mother

    She such an inspiration to black women everywhere. You do yo thang and get that money in. Self respect is so over-rated.

  • Fizzoni

    on second thought, maybe she does have something

  • Kigali- I will check you


    I said the same think. He butt looks real and isnt out of control fat, ugly, and unshapely.

  • Nique

    She aint serving sh!!t but a lazy eye and old a$$ face.


  • Man, I just don't care™

    CHEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep servin, keep right on servin.

  • NG

    always has to be one hater.. @Nique

    wonder what you look like?

    she is pretty.

  • LaDiva

    @ Slap Your Mother

    “She such an inspiration to black women everywhere. You do yo thang and get that money in. Self respect is so over-rated”

    Self respect is over-rated…Are u serious…
    I think your momma needs to slap u some sense instead.

  • The Rock (Layin The Smack Down On Your Candy @$$)

    Damn she needs to serve The Rock some of that!!!

  • Slap Your Mother

    LaDiva = proof that sarcasm is lost on the internet 😦

  • Nique

    Always has to be one desperate n!!ga @NG

    Ask your Pops…

  • LaDiva

    @ Slap Your Mother

    Sarcasm is lost when it appears sarcasm wasn’t the case per se.
    My apologies if that was your intention.

  • Slap Your Mother

    Apology accepted 🙂

  • Obamadrama

    now dats tite work rite der, we can do thangz wit hur!

  • Loose Lips Sink Ships and Ruin the Ilusion of Class

    What Kim K and Coco tried so hard to purchase..a nice round, firm booty.

    All natural

  • King Koopa

    Where are the cakes?! where?!

    You sound stupid and mad young.
    N!&&as like you gon turn our women into plastic bitc#3s with bu!!shat unrealistic expectations for every women to have a gigantic a$$ like all them plastic chested white women running around

    I dont advocate flatasses but you naggas are jokes with these expectations of all women having photoshopped bodies, that just lets everybody know you aint seeing shat in real life

  • syn

    ha … I remember her from the NewRoc Applebee’s … she STILL got that a$$ i see!

  • vee

    the face looks like a plate of scrambled eggs but the body is natural and more women need to stop going under the knife.

  • The Bear

    Whatever she’s serving… I’m eating.

  • Boss

    Illl SMASH

  • KaniGitADolla?

    Ummm mmmm mmmm

  • ChopzMaQaJ

    Girl is blessed… Beautifully natural.

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