Behind the Scenes: Lil Wayne and Shawty Lo…”WTF”

- By Bossip Staff

Shawty Lo is known for coming up with crazy names for his songs. It’s really no surprise that would team up with Lil Wayne and then call this jawn “WTF.”

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  • MadeByChevy25

    Can’t wait to hear it…

  • Fizzoni

    Nothing wrong with a man crush

  • loveme lovemenot

    Shawty Lo is it true that your gf cheating on you lol

  • Slap Your Mother

    These guys are modern day minstrels

  • David

    Where is T.I. Im tired of these clowns!!!

  • Kigali- I will check you

    How you gonna be shorter than Lil Wayne? Bloody hell.

  • Obamadrama

    dis nicca shorter than WEEZY, “houston we have a real muthafukin problem” lol!!!!!!!!

  • FiveStarish

    STFU with all this minstrel crap. We can make our own music the way we want and it’s called art. Nothing is Minstrel unless you care what white people think and I don’t. There was a time when we couldn’t even go into a studio, because they were white only. Every song, artist or album cannot possibly be about upliftment. We gotta have fun, too. Why do I like Shawty Lo? Maybe cuz he’s the same height as the kids, so cute, in a Keebler way.

  • Vanessa

    He named it “WTF” cause that’s what people say when they see these 2 ugly mofos.

  • Human Racist

    more RAP (race affirming parodies)… next!!!! put some stories about hip-hop up here.

  • All seeing

    this dude is low to the ground. That has to be where the name came from. And he wanted to fight TIP yeah right!!!!lol

  • xhia

    Please don’t yell at me for saying this but Lil Wayne is a cutey. At least, I enjoy listening to him talk. Rough, nail chewing, brown liquor, Nawlins Jazzy/ Blues sounding voice.

    Juke Joints you find in the French Quarter

  • Claire B.

    these trolls are disgusting, who ever listens to those idiots music are simply stupid.

  • The Bear

    Dude is shorter than Lil Wayne… WOW!!!!

  • WT

    The circus must be back in town, because it looks like clown time again. Tired of these no talent losers and the morons who listen to them!

  • jewonna lane

    wow!!!!! lil wayne look good but shawty low work on it!!!!!!!!! sorri no offense

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