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Dave Chappelle was a no show for an event that he was set to co-host:

“Dave Chappelle was no where to be found last night though about 700 people were looking for the comedian to appear on stage at hip-hop journalist and congressional contender Kevin Powell’s campaign fundraiser in Manhattan. Though it cost the jilted fans and supporters upwards of $75 a pop, it could end up costing Powell much more.

Powell, who many remember from MTV’s first season of “The Real World,” has his sights set on kicking 13-term incumbent Ed Towns (Democrat–Fort Greene) out of office in the September Brooklyn primary. It is the second time the young hopeful has run for the office.

As Powell’s team stayed on the phone with Chappelle’s people for hours, trying to pull the show together – apparently the comedian missed two flights in his effort to get to the fundraiser – Chris Rock was backstage in support of the candidate. He declined to take the stage though, “out of respect [for] other comedians.”

SMH that Chris couldn’t take the stage in Chappelle’s absence. Would it have killed the brotha to recycle a couple of jokes for ole Kev? More pics of the failed event just below.


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  • Greatestloveofall

    Chris Rock’s wife is soooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty, and so are his daughters. Beautiful family. I hope those girls inherit the comedy genes from him lol!


    He has a beautiful family!!!!!!!!

  • abc

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  • Just Sayin

    Daaaaaaaaaaam Dave, what’s up wit dat!


  • Aunt Viv

    How unfortunate. I think Chris Rock should have stepped in.

  • http://en.gravatar.com/avatar/522ae813d0291146b3c70cd56c2834f3?s=80&r=any NIKKI UNDERWOOD (It's ironic, I had the brew she had the chronic)

    I think this is the oddest looking group….top pic.

  • bree

    i betcha Chris Rock didn’t step in because he doesn’t work for free..

    Dave are you still running away from ‘network tv’?

  • luvchild

    Chris is making such strange faces. He really don’t look happy. Gotta by the balls eh Chris? But yeah he should have stepped up. Malaak has way too much hair. And I really don’t get the dress she has on. Maybe it looked better up close???

    Oh & go kevin! Support from a real world fan the first season was the all time BEST!

  • Envy Me (That MCM Bag in Bloomingdales is calling my name)

    Dave Chappelle is falling off big time…he just needs check himself in rehab and get help……IM JUST SAYIN!

  • luvchild

    Oops I should have said former real world fan. Go Kevin!

  • bree

    well said Mr Mr

  • Virgo911

    I wish Kevin the best. Unfortunate that Dave missed the flights, but Chris probably was not prepared to host. I guess he had to choose between continuing to do what he came to do or risk bombing b/c of lack of preparation. You know that comedians and their teams write and practice their material before performances.

  • KJF

    Its funny I almost paid to go to this event. Glad I didn’t, I do wish Kevin the best. I met him a few times at different events, very smart and passionate about ushering in a new era.

  • Roderick

    Why did this guy book Chappelle to host in the first place?

    Did everyone forget that Chappelle ran away from that mega million $$$$ tv deal and ended up somewhere in South Africa.

    Talk about unstable.

  • princess07

    Wow, that Jurnee chick is looking good these days. I wonder what happen to the rest of the Smollett clan? I know her brothers were looking fine as well. Chris Rock wife is just too pretty.

  • najeeba
  • yo

    Kevin Powell has the best parties, I say. You see all the buppies there. They should have just had the fundraiser without saying Chappelle was headling.

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    Dave was shopping on http://www.tuhhc.com

  • Lou in the Chi

    Some people are so stupid. Dave did not “run away” from Comedy Central because he was unstable. He left because he said he refused to sell his soul for any amount of money. The show was already controversial and he was having second thoughts about some of the content, and the network wanted to take it to the next level. Just imagine what type of jokes and skit they would be doing regarding “jiggaboo’s”

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    Lets not blame Chris for Dave’s irresponsibility. A performer needs time to prepare. How would it have turned out if he went out there and bombed? Nah, this one is firmly on Dave’s shoulders. Still I read that this was causing some people to not vote for Kevin and that is ridiculous. My people have fallen pretty far if they would base their vote on a comedian’s performance.

  • Earth Sign

    Dave Chappelle do what the f@@@ he want to do. Im rich Biatch!! I love it.

  • http://myspace.com/afiya00 Afiya

    Dave is a mess when it comes to appearances…he just don’t give a crap…wonder if he still smokin’ that wack mess…


    LOVE QUEST LOVE!! Um…Maalak is pretty but she really does have that Peg Bundy thing going on with her hair…especially in the first thumb nail.

    Dammit Dave…missed two flights. Come on. Put that blunt down and get your priorities handled first and then pick it back up!

  • Elo

    Emily King looks like Old School Teena MArie in that first pic…

  • Tiger

    It’s bad enough we have a Community organizer who thinks he can be president. Now they want to elect REAL WORLD idiots to Congress?????

    WHat’s next? Pizza delivery guy for Mayor???

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