Bey Bey To Quarterback Superbowl Ad Spots For Vizio

- By Bossip Staff

If it’s about stacks, you know you can count on your girl Sasha Fierce to be there, shaking her cakes, ready to rake ’em in! And you know Superbowl advertising is nothing but major paper. Vizio recruited Bey Bey to hold down their 4th quarter spot, look under the hood for a peek and to find out what it may have cost to put on during the most crucial timeslot of the year.

VIZIO announced Thursday morning that it has tapped Beyonce Knowles as the spokesperson for the firm, and will launch a Super Bowl spot featuring the artist during Super Bowl XLIV. According to VIZIO, a major manufacturer of high definition TVs, the firm’s Super Bowl ad will run during CBS in-game coverage of the game, and that it will also be the exclusive HD sponsor of the CBS Super Bowl Pre-Game Show. VIZIO did not say what it plans to spend on its Super Bowl push, but said it will air a 60-second spot in the fourth quarter, and two 30-second spots during the pre-game show. A 30-second spot in the Super Bowl this year is expected to cost $2.5M to $2.8M apiece. VIZIO also advertised on last year’s Super Bowl.

What do you think VIZIO had to spend to get Bey and the ad slots? Oh and HD sponsorship too??? Guess they’re not feeling them recession pangs huh?

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  • why?

    and those who do not like her making this money will post shortly.. Stay tuned for a page of negativity!

    Beyonce, F that, MAKE THAT MONEY, aint nothing wrong wit it because if we all could do it, that would be us right there smiling!

    Its not your fault that you GOT that IT factor right now!


    You GOTDAMN right, ‘why?’! BANGER, I said.

  • pookie 'em

    What happened to relaxing for six months?

  • Chelle

    Get that paper!

  • Nique

    Thats a hell of a photoshop!

  • anewme

    I am not a big Bey fan, but I that girl sure got her hustle going strong! Go head girl, make that money!

  • Yo Boss... Beyotch!

    Get.It.In Beyonce!!!

    The lesser gorls shouldn’t fret though… I’m sure Tampax & Kool-Aid need spokespersons of their… ahem… caliber. 😀

  • Jean Shonay

    Greatest Hustler I’ve Ever Seen. Wish I had the drive to hustle like that.

  • JUDY

    Beyonce know she be makin that money.

  • !!!!!


  • BrwnBeauty

    I believe that in that pic above Beyonce looks AMAZING and may be actually rocking her real hair in that pic…anywho I believe they spent a pretty penny for Beyonce to do that commercial…besides they spent a grip on the commericial itself so they may feel she was worth every penny!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce is trying to dominate EVERYTHING. It is becoming overkill.

  • terri

    Go Bey !!!



    She needs to take a BREAK.


    She has more than enough money.

    Just give yourself and US a break.

  • Miss All That!!


  • slimpickens

    Go girl, I am proud of you and your ability to represent. Keep it up!!!

  • charmaine

    When will this girl fall back, take a break. This is just too much. She is overkill. We need someone new to bump her off the scence because Beyonce is way OVEREXPOSED. I mean, the girl works hard but why can’t she just take a break, give other artists opportunities.

  • Blackice

    @ glamour girl….well said, the haters just mad cause Riri do not have the respect in the industry like Bey, and never will…even though I like Riri no competition.

  • Lovie

    If you were at the top of your game in any profession, do you really believe you should retire or resign just so that the ones who don’t work as hard as you or don’t have what it takes to be in your position can have a chance at it?!

    Sorry, that’s not how life works hunnybunches!

    Make that money girl! Next!

  • paula

    A very talented entertainer and it should be up to her to decide how much she wants to do. I don’t hear anyone saying that Jayz needs to take a break. Who’s more exposed than he is?

  • noelle

    Damn stalker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If you’re tired of seeing her why did you click the article? LOL. Morons to say the least….

  • whatever

    Beyonce can do whatever she wants. She’s a smart woman and she knows what she wants. She obviously has a plan in place for the amount of exposure she wants, so she’ll have to deal with the good and bad consequences of those decisions.

  • rothschild

    man! i cant even hate. if she is lovin what she is doing and making bread, then do the damned thang girl! yeah, i get tired of seeing her she is all up in our face but i have to laugh to myself and say damn, the work ethic is crazy not to mention she seems beautiful and down to earth!

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