Chop ‘Em, Drop ‘Em, Pass ‘Em Around: BDR’s Ex Now Jason Kidd’s BabyMama

- By Bossip Staff

BDR wrote another letter on his public diary… This week’s entry “My Sincerest Congratulations To Porschla Coleman & Jason Kidd For Their New Baby!” allowed BDR to dig deep down into his wise old soul and pour out nice things about his sloppy seconds, which have now been passed on to Jason Kidd. Keep reading for his ancient words of wisdom.

Here’s Russell’s words, but feel free to skip to the end where we were nice enough to translate his yogi talk.

When a successful or powerful man walks into the room and sees the most beautiful woman in the room and gravitates towards her, maybe even before an inspired, insightful and even enlightened woman, he is dealing with a normal, human limitation, searching for something on the outside instead of something on the inside. When a beautiful woman walks into the room and sees a powerful, successful man and gravitates towards him, she is dealing with the same kind of insecurity, because he adds something to her, validation, almost in the same way as she adds to him. None of the early flirting is about substance. It is all about the outer beauty of both.

The guy will decide if her character and personality are for him. And the woman will decide if this guy is charming and inspiring enough for her. This beautiful woman will have many choices and this successful man will possibly have even more options. When they come together, that’s a blessing.

While spending a great year of my life with Porschla Coleman, I learned that she is smart, independent and is making a positive impact on this world. As a teacher of yoga and a full-time philanthropist, she is someone who touched my heart, because of her kindness and her selfless
spirit. She has moved on, found herself a new man that suits her well and they both are embarking on a exciting, new chapter in their lives. The negative portrayal of her by the media is so off-base, that with her graceful spirit she’ll brush it off and continue to be a force of change.

Congratulations to Porschla and Jason and may god bless them and their newborn baby.


In case you don’t feel like reading all that crap (we don’t blame you) here is the Cliff Notes BOSSIP BDR Translator version:

Dear Public Diary to the World,

When you are an old paid perv who can buy pu*sy from any model in need of publicity, you do it not knowing how long it will last. Smashing Porschla Coleman for a year was amazing, she’s not just a Banger, she is DEEP too, and I’m not just talking about her vajayjay. I’m old as dirt now and I wanted some Becky loving before I died, so I had to give up Porschla. Now your seed is eating where I used to nibble my nights away, Jason. Hope that’s cool.

Peace & Shizz – BDR




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