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Yesterday, singer DaniLeigh and rapper DaBaby live-streamed an exhausting production of co-parenting toxicity. Unfortunately, while things were entertaining for immature commenters, Dani’s family was apparently cringing, waiting for Dani to be marked safe before clapping back at claims DaBaby made against them.

During their row, DaBaby denied ever being in a relationship with the singer, despite evidence of them canoodling for at least the past two years being posted online. In one of his IG stories attempting to paint himself as a “good father”, the rapper called DaniLeigh’s family out for allegedly disowning their three-month-old daughter because she’s “Black.” He also insinuated that they couldn’t “control” Dani, while he rocked the baby in his arms.

“Y’all disowned y’all half black grandbaby as soon as you couldn’t control your daughter.”

DaniLeigh’s mom, Vicky Curiel, has since spoken up about the incident. Vicky said in an IG post that she wanted to make sure her daughter was “safe” and “away” from her daughter’s father before she spoke on the situation, showing her solidarity and support.

In the statement, DaniLeigh’s mom Vicky wrote:

“I didn’t want to address this until I knew my daughter and granddaughter were safe. Thank you for your texts, DM’s, and phone calls. This is clearly a toxic situation and all we wanted to do was to get her out safely. Just know we are continuing to do everything we can to make sure her and the baby are good. God is on our side and we pray this situation ends as peacefully and quickly as possible.”

DaniLeigh’s sister, Brianna Leah, also showed her love and solidarity for her sister after the toxic fight with Dababy went viral. Brianna said DaBaby “humiliated” her sister and ensured she’s been a loving auntie to their baby since day one.

“I never wanted to get involved because that’s not the type of person I am but you can never say we “disowned” the baby. I’ve loved her since the day she found out she was pregnant…collecting photos, planning the baby shower (that you didn’t come to), and making sure she was mentally stable without you there. I know my truth and you know yours. It’s very sad that one day in the future the little baby will know this whole problem and what he did to her mother and how he humiliated her. I would never wish this situation on anyone, this is something that no one should have to go through.”

Swipe to see more photos Brianna shared, showing her love and support for Dani and her baby bump throughout her pregnancy.

This past summer, Dani’s family put together a beautiful, pink-themed baby shower for her and her daughter in the Dominican Republic. Dani and DaBaby”s daughter was seemingly born in September according to Dani making a return to social media without her baby bump that month, making the newborn around three months old now.

So far, Dani hasn’t spoken again about her fight with DaBaby after he called the police on her to his Charlotte apartment. In an updated report on the situation, however, the singer was charged with simple assault according to Charlotte news outlet, WBTV.



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