Bow Wow: Women Can’t Handle Having “JUST SEX”… They Become Jealous and Obsessed

- By Bossip Staff

According to Shad Moss [Bow Wow], when women decide to have a “SEX”-relationship or “Casual Sex”, things always end up complicated. A woman tends to catch feelings and become jealous if she sees the man that she just had sex with out with someone else.

Bow Wow:
I’ve noticed over my 22 years of living that yes women can be difficult, and i call myself a ladies man thinking i have them figured out. But as men we will never understand women. One thing i cant get a grip on is why do women get mad if they hear you are sleeping or talking to another woman if she doesn’t belong to you? Is it because we had sex and u feel like we have something? do you feel i belong to you? if we don’t have an understanding then why do you want to know where am i? why are you getting mad when you see me out at the club with other girls? I don’t mean to sound mean but.. WE ARE NOT TOGETHER WE JUST HAD SEX THATS IT!!!

so ladies i ask… is it a territorial thing? just because you had sex with this man makes it feel ok to act out as a girlfriend? or is it that you like this man, and want him to change and settle down because YOU feel thats best. Or maybe thats just what you want. Answers from both Men and Women…… S.moss

Every woman isn’t looking for a relationship when they are having “JUST SEX,” but…
When a woman sees the guy she just had sex with last night with another woman the next day, then exactly what should she feel???

This also goes for men too. Men are quick to blame a woman’s emotions if a man chops down a woman and then the next day sees her with another man… BEST BELIEVE his EGO will be hurt. A man may not cry and get emotional but he probably will go and find the next skeezer to chop down but he will still feel some type of way about the situation.

Is it only possible for men to have casual sex and not women??? Do women turn obsessed and jealous when they are in “SEX”-relationships???




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