What is Wrong With This Picture????

- By Bossip Staff

Urban Outfitters apparently has a shirt color combo called “Obama/Black.”

WTF??? Discuss…

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  • Mojoboko

    Oh Helllllllllllllll No!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983......75 DAYS!!!!


  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983......75 DAYS!!!!

    I just went to the Urban Outfitters website and it says:

    We’re sorry. This product is no longer available.

  • Eva

    @ I’m Just Me

    I did too!!! Isn’t that crazy? My gosh…

  • Is It 5:00 yet? I'm ready to go home.

    This is crazy! When will people stop?

  • Bran_Dizzle_

    That is sad….smh

  • Somali Ninga

    LOL XD!!!!! This makes my day!!!
    Fu©k Obama!!

  • D-Dub

    Haha, don’t take it racially. We come in all flavors and Obama got Presidential flavor. You put anything past them folk, you crazay!!

  • 2Sweet

    ….why didn’t they just say the s/hit was “grey.”


    I don’t mean to dignify the idiocy but wouldn’t it make more sense if the color was somewhat beige?

  • Mojoboko

    ^^^^^^^^or maybe even brown….. i’m just sayin’

  • Dilla

    Typical donkey ignorance! This is getting old, yawn.

  • What Eb Uh

    It’s not even brown ?

  • britt.

    Lol! Not black or white! its grey! A mix of both black and white!

  • Annonymous

    Somali Ninga, did it make your d… feel bigger?

  • Annonymous

    Somali Ninga, did it make your d… feel big period. Cause then I could see how it would make your day, ignorant f…

  • Annonymous

    Oh well, didn’t hurt Obama’s feelings. He wouldn’t even entertain it. Igonorance is not in his vocabulary.

  • Real

    U.O. is not very sensitive to ethnic diversity, and finds stuff like this more humorous than offensive. The corporate culture is predominately Caucasian, and although the vibe is seemingly laid back & liberal, the company lacks cross-cultural understanding, bringing forth shirts like these. I’m not surprised.

  • Laquita


  • TruthBTold

    @ Somali Ninga

    Why do you hate Obama?

    You mentioned in another post that he was an Illuminati puppet… but you never provided any examples.

    Sooooo…. back up your claim, if you can.

    What’s with the Obama hate?

  • Somali Ninga

    @ Anonyomus
    How come if I insult obama or openly say that I dont like him, people get angry!?!?! Americans are so fu©kin sensitive!!!

  • Somali Ninga

    @ TruthBTold
    This is why I dont like Obama
    1) He’s support for Zionist Israel
    2) He’s “yes we can” slogan is “Thank you Satan” backwards. Aliester Crowley, a famous freemason encourage masons to put subliminal messages in music, speeches, etc.
    3) Obama is related to Bush, Cheney, and McCain, and the British Royal Family!! WTF?!!?!?!?!
    4) He’s wife has a fu©ked face though!! LOL
    Why are ppl so sensitive when im talking negaitvely about Osama OPPS i mean Obama

  • TruthBTold

    How is ‘YES WE CAN’ ‘THANK YOU SATAN’ backwards? NAC EW SEY I don’t see ‘Thank you Satan’ there. Is this in another language?

    How is Obama related to Bush, Cheney, McCain and the British Royal Family, and what prooof do you have of this?

    How is his wife’s face in any way indicative of his policies, character or qualifications to be President of the United States?

    You seem to be overzealous in your concerns about Black Americans, and over confident in your knowledge of our culture.

    I’m not sensitive, but if you put it out there, be prepared to back it up with some facts/truth.

  • TruthBTold

    @ Somali Ninga

    What’s with the name calling ‘ur black a$$’?

    I was really trying to hear where you are coming from, and I didn’t say anything insulting…

  • Somali Ninga

    I mean he doesnt care about the black community or africa!! He never will!! He’s following the agenda of the British royal family, rockerfeller, rothchild and the rest of the illuminati family!! They wanna kill 90% of the world population! Africa is gunna be first!! Neways wat has obama done for the black people!! Tell ME!! He did nothing! NADA!!

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