The Chubby One is in Denial

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Rick Ross denies being a former rent-a-cop:

Recently, photos surfaced on the Net that depicted what appeared to be rapper Rick Ross wearing a correctional officer’s uniform. Now the Miami-based artist is speaking out against what he claims is the work of industry haters.

“My life is 100% real. These online hackers putting a picture of my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples’ body.,” Ross said in a statment to AllHipHop. “If this s**t was real don’t you think they would have more specifics, like dates and everything?”

“I’m in the entertainment business and a lot of people who like to hate because I’m on top of my game,” he said. “Like I said before my life is 100% real. I live by this die by this. Fake pictures are created by the fake, meant to entertain the fake.”

Umm. Whatever you say Ricky…Peep the much talked about pic of Officer Ross just below.


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  • african_4_eva


  • african_4_eva

    Okay…even if it is a fake, why is he trippin’. I don’t see why this “cop” picture would be incriminating…

    …unless he was a cop killer or was in disagreement with law officials in general.

  • Ms. America

    Ok I dont know if this rick ross or not but this he sure did lie about him being in high school looking like this. This man looks like he’s in his thirties. But this picture is not re-touched at all. Well ricky this just might be you. But calm down and chill out negro. This was several years ago….wayyy before your rapping days big boi.

  • The( Delicious ♥ ) Ms. Sugar Walls

    I think that this is Rick Ross’s Older Brother.

  • angela

    yep, thats him!

  • LdyK

    Thats his FAT ASS who he’s trying to fool is beyond me…RUST the “dates in question” will surface too. He’s a fake….

  • LdyK


  • Brook Lynn Chocolate Gyrl

    Its okay Ricky Baby, I still Love ya fat a$$

  • Just Sayin

    I kinda believe this!

    He got the uniform and da body of a renta cop/correctional officer.


  • Just Sayin

    No he not tryin ta be hard wit tighty whities on!

    That’s what he should be upset about!

    Body like a dam hipo!


  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Who’d a thunk

  • Jas

    Rick Ross is one the CO’s at the end of Hustle and Flow trying to get a deal with DJ. But on the real I heard this rumor a while ago from sum of ppls down in MIA

  • Erm, what the HELLY?


  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    sEll out

  • ChineseChickenWingz

    thats him but i think he worked that job to find a connect …hip hop police all over this 1

  • Kim

    Who really cares!

  • Erm, what the HELLY?

    LMAO..I dont care what yall say i looooooove big dudes and Rick can get it….he sexay to me♥

  • LdyK


    LOVE THE NAME!!!!!!!

  • Miami Criminal Lawyer

    No doubt about it. That’s Ross. Everyone down here, particularly those who work closely with inmates and CO’s has known about this for years. It is sort of luck a long running joke, but a true one.

  • Aunt Viv

    He skeeves me. N-N-N-NEXT!

  • Yep I said it

    He says he look like that when he was a teenager! Lord then he seriously needs to head to the doctor.



  • Erm, what the HELLY?

    hahhahah @ yep

  • doc

    Why is dude sooo furious about an “accusation” that he — at one point in his life — was actually trying to do something positive with himself? If somebody had a picture of him graduating from college he’d probably say it’s just a false attack by some hatin @ss ni**as, cuz his life is 100% real.

    Messed up world we live in.


    I’M THE BIGGEST COP THAT YOU SEEN THUS FAR replace cop with frog ,hog,slob,pig,hack,tub,etc….

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