MTV “G’s To Gents”/”ATL” Actor Makes Music Video Claiming He’s Innocent Of Breaking His Daughter’s Bones

- By Bossip Staff

Actor and reality show star Markice “Kesan” Moore continues to proclaim his innocence against charges that he beat his daughter causing multiple fractures. His latest denial of wrongdoing comes in the form of a music video. Continue

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  • Gimmeabreak78


  • nywoman23

    grim reap his a.s.s. na too good for him. i say break his bones and torture the hell out of him

  • Colia

    When I heard this, I was so disgusted. How can any0ne do that to a child.

    For his sake, I hope it’s nto true.

  • moneymagnet

    Sounds like the child may have brittle bones. This guy was aggressive, but I don’t think he’d hurt his child. he just has little man’s syndrome.

    The media can make anyone look guilty, people need to wake up.

  • Moreaces

    Dumb azz,, smh

  • elle

    why is his shirt ripped?

  • 2Sweet


  • Unkle Ruckus

    I’ve never wanted to hurt someone so bad before. I ask God for wisdom because if I ask for strength, I might take a run a couple of counties over.

  • Miss All That!!

    He’s cute!!

  • Laquita

    Like the song! Hope he’s innocent. I wasn’t there so I can’t say he did or he didn’t. But for his sake I hope he didn’t.

  • Shemander

    Now, there is a such thing as brittle bones syndrome (don’t know if that’s the medical terminology), but I don’t know what is or isn’t true. I just hope this guy wasn’t that cruel to do that to a baby. It hurts my heart. However, I have seen worse in recent news.

  • Mock Rock Star

    He’s guilty until proven innocent

  • pynk♥{Happy Black History Month Everyone!}

    I absolutely CANNOT stand this guy!!! lol

  • Treeze

    I think he did it he has a anger problem a kid can push those buttons man up little dude.

  • deesac

    My first response was to jump on this guy but I really thought about the attack of the media on black people. And then I realize there’s a missing piece of information here. Until I hear the full story then I will make my judgement.

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  • Yerr

    Not for nothing but he can actually spit. I really want to believe him. I hope he is innocent and this thing was a major misunderstanding. Sometimes child welfare agencies get carried away and misinterpret a situation. I mean look at Nixmary Brown’s case, they should have went harder there but they didn’t.

  • Aunt Viv

    I don’t believe him, not one bit

  • lee

    good luck kid!

  • mj is king,so invincible

    Hes accused of breaking his childs (who is one year old) arms legs ribs and collarbone in August last year.Which means she could not walk, hold anything with her broken hands, was in constant excruciating pain from the broken collar bone and broken ribs, she had to be sedated a lot to ease the pain when she breathes.This child had to be going to sleep crying and waking up balling her eyes out from the from the pain.So tell me again………….

    Why was he not charged back in August.
    Why was he still allowed see and be with her.
    Why did her mother and grand mother take her to his “house of horror” at christmas time.
    Im not saying hes innocent but this does not make sense.Her injuries = a long hospital stay with feet and hands in casts, so am i to beleive the news that doctors, nurses her mum and grandmother all treated these injuries like the common cold.DID he do it or is he being set-up.

    How did she heal so fast from broken bones? Is she a super toddler or something.

  • boss

    does any one know if hes innocent or not???

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