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Consequences and repercussions are in the building!

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The scene from Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11 and 12 of 2017 is one that most of us will never forget. Watching weak a** white men march and chant about “Jews not replacing us” and spewing all types of hate speech was like watching something from the past happening in the present. Not that racism or bigotry ever took PTO days but still, it was pretty harrowing to see the confrontation that arose between these impotent anglo-saxons and decent people who stood against their divisive message.

No, there were not “good people on both sides”.

Yesterday afternoon, the Washington Post reported that more than a dozen of the nation’s leading white supremacists have been held accountable for the death and destruction that took place those days. A jury ruled that Richard Spencer, rally organizer Jason Kessler, and Christopher Cantwell, among others, were all liable for inciting violence and were ordered to pay, wait for it…$26 million in damages!

This had to be one of the strangest trials ever put on. It is reported that the defendants routinely dropped the n-word and used hostile tactics to question witnesses and their fellow co-conspirators.

During questioning by Spencer, Kessler called him “slimy,” “cold,” “inhumane” and a “serial killer.” In another instance, Cantwell asked co-defendant Matthew Heimbach to tell his “favorite Holocaust joke.”

It’s good to see that at least ONE jury can find white men guilty of the crimes they committed as the jury in Kyle Rittenhouse’s case failed miserably at that solemn task.


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