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Another day, another story where Black people can’t count on police help or justice but can count on racism and white privilege to show up right on time every time.

Azia Taylor, who is Black, said in an Instagram post that she was leaving a daycare center in Tinley Park, Illinois, with her child when a white woman approached her vehicle and started shouting at her, “you better not hit my mother f****** car again,” which Taylor apparently did previously as she was opening up her own car door.

“It’s not on purpose, it’s raining, and I have a baby in my arms,” Taylor said she told the woman, but she said the white woman responded by hitting her and calling her a “Black b****.”

Taylor said the woman’s husband “then gets out the car and starts pulling my hair, banging my head into my window and punching me in the face as well as spewing racial slurs,” and that “this 6-foot white man” continued to attack her even after she and the crazy white woman had been separated.

Taylor’s Instagram post included photos of her injuries and of her child.


Taylor said the workers at the daycare, Tutor Time School, did nothing to intervene but did call the police, but she said the cops stood with the white couple and took their statement but actually gave her a citation instead of allowing her to press charges. Taylor also said the daycare “never waited for an investigation but were quick to email me and say I was a danger to the facility and that my child could not return.”

“They said that same night that I wasn’t allowed to return to the premises due to the violent nature of what had happened—what had occurred that day, and the next day they sent an email without even investigating anything saying that my child was not allowed to come back,” Taylor said in a recent interview with the WGCI Morning Show.

“Now, when I called and I said ‘Wait a minute, how is my child not allowed to come back and this woman attacked me?—then they said ‘Oh, well, the other child can’t come back either.”

Taylor rightfully said that she doesn’t care about the other child because that child’s family wasn’t attacked—they were the attackers. 



Taylor said the daycare officials thought disallowing both families to return would “eliminate the racist part,” which only goes to show white people have no interest and no clue how to actually deal with racism. Taylor noted that two white teachers from the center came out and stood with the white couple and “never came over to me to check on my child or myself.”

According to What’s The Word:

“Ms.Tayor is seeking justice on behalf of herself and her daughter. To help Ms.Talyor get justice, please contact the Tinley Park Police department at 708-444-5300 and demand they arrest the people who assaulted Ms. Aziza Taylor. In addition to calling the Tinley Police Department, contact Tutor Time School at 855-887-8945 and ask them to cooperate with the police regarding Ms.Taylor’s assault.”










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