Jesus Take the Wheel: 11 Year-Old Girl Has Baby With Stepfather

- By Bossip Staff

In a disturbing turn of events, reports have stated that an 11 year-old girl gave birth to a child on December 12 of last year.

The twist is that the father of the child is actually her stepfather Continue…

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  • pynk♥{Thomas Mundy Peterson}

    Smh. Just… smh.

  • drenk

    wow hope the stepfather dies a slow painful death all alone with only his regrets to keep him company

  • ♥sexi♥Trini♥

    WTF….i couldnt begin to express how much rage i have for ppl like that.

  • Alrighty Then...

    @JUDY – EXACTLY! Neither can an 11 year old!! The father needs to die, immediately. I HATE CHILD PREDATORS!!

  • Chief Hater

    Can someone post the actual article? Hip hop wired doesn’t work for me.

  • Gimmeabreak78


    100% Cosign. All mothers need to be careful. The stepfather needs to be locked up in general population. We all know how much inmates love child predators.

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  • Canadian Fan

    Two words…. DEATH PENALTY.

  • tg

    It was in the news yesterday (BBC News, etc) that a 9 year old Chinese girl gave birth. She is the youngest person to give birth to a baby. But there were no details about who the father is because it happened in China and they are little more hush hush then the rest of the world. Supposedly its under investigation by the Chinese police.

  • It's me

    This happened about 5yrs ago in my small Tx town.The poor kid was 10 when they discovered she was pregnant, and 11 when she gave birth.The mother boyfriend received life.

  • lbstb

    somebody needs to kill that sick motherf*cker. My teacher told me a long time ago those people can not to rehabilitated only death can fix those types of people and where was the mother all of this time. I hope she wasnt like Mo’nique character is Precious. If so somebody needs to take her out and kill her as well

  • Soul Touch

    Had case like this when I worked for the system…except it was the father’s friend. The father had let the friend stay with them because he was going through hard times.

    He thanked them by raping and impregnating his 10 year old daughter.

    Took 8 Deputies to keep the father off of him when the DNA results were read.

  • cutey

    @Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators, i agree. i have heard way to many step-father storys. all peadophiles should be castrated

  • eddy

    That monster needs to be put under the jail

  • Butterflyj30

    I believe the world is coming to an end also. GOD bless that child and the baby. The stepdad and Mom need to be put to death.

  • Not A Fan of BS

    Why are you making this about race? We don’t know what color the people involved are.

  • Theori

    Sometimes, these mothers known exactly what’s going on, but they’re so desperate for companionship that they do nothing.

  • JC 'o Bklyn

    Even if the world doesn’t come to an end, his life should end.
    Theere’ve been people like him since the beginning of sèxual encounters. Even Renowned and respected religious leaders from Muhammad, who married a 9 yr old to other so-called prophets. That’s why i believe in God, not religion. Religion is such a veneer. Parents shouldn’t trust any one around their children.

  • Not that Michael

    That article is messed up to say this bastard was having “s*x with” a child, from the ages of 6 to 11. First, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have “s*x” with a child. That’s why it’s called child R.A.P.E. I can’t stand people calling this sick sh*t s*x. You can’t do anything remotely like that “with” a child because a child can’t POSSIBLY consent.

    I hate men like this. It’s time to stop being P.C. about this and say it: don’t ever trust a man who’s not related to your child to take care of them, let alone be a “parent” to them. Never. Even then, there are sick stories of fathers or uncles hurting little girls. But still, a line has to be drawn.

    Men who seek out single mothers always raise a red flag with me. Always.

  • 1TruDiva's away from her desk. Leave a message.

    There’s no way anyone living or dead can convince me that the mother didn’t know this man was having s.e.x with her daughter!!

    The triflin’ b..i..t.c..h turned a blind eye and a deaf ear–all in the name of keeping a man.

    This b..i.t.c.h. should be tried, too!

    Kigali–Come getcha girl!!!!!!!!!

  • 1TruDiva's away from her desk. Leave a message.


    I don’t give a r.a.t’s a.s.s if the poor little girl was a deaf mute—

    If the mother was ANY kind of mother, she would’ve known SOMETHING wasn’t right with her child.

    Did she wash her child’s underwear?
    Did she change her sheets????

    F.u.u.u.c.k outta here!!!

  • 1TruDiva's away from her desk. Leave a message.

    Or blind as a bat!.

    Couldn’t see, hear or talk–she HAD to know something.

    (I say this because sometimes a man can scare a child into NOT telling but the mother should’ve known something)

    Again I say—ff.u.u.u.c.k outta here!!!

    She probably “Precioused” the child, too! Secretly blamed her. You know there are some triflin’ h0es out here that will sell their mother’s burial plot for a damn man!!


  • 1TruDiva's away from her desk. Leave a message.


    I’m done.

  • MulattoMom

    I have three children, 2 girls and 1 boy. When my husband and I were breaking up, I vowed I would not bring another man around my children until they out of my house. If a man wanted to date me and we were going to be intimate, take me your place or a nice hotel!!! Not only do girls get r a p e d, but so do boys. I’d be under the jail…because I would have killed anybody who looked, spoke to or touched my children the wrong way.

  • DontUDare

    They report when something happens to a celebrity,politics,war,stock market,on the news all day,but the most important,bad things happening to children,you rarely hear them talk about.GOD BlESS the children.

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