Illuminati Hov Says Usher Has The Right Stuff To Be The Next King Of Pop

- By Bossip Staff

Camel just crushed those New Year’s Eve rumors of ill-will between himself and Usher by giving Ush big props on his role in the Michael Jackson tribute at the Grammy’s Sunday. Look under the hood to read Jiggaman’s take on Usher and the King of Pop.

“I thought the Michael Jackson tribute was fantastic and I thought Usher was doing a magnificent job,” Jay-Z told Access Hollywood.

“I think he’s one of the guys that’s in line to, you know, fill those huge shoes. I don’t wanna put that pressure on him, but I think he’s one of the guys that’s in line to do that.”

Most Usher fans think he fell off with his last album — but now that he’s almost Tameka-free and Chris Brown has fallen from grace, can Usher become the next Michael Jackson? He’s definitely got the moves, but the real King of Pop was all about the people — is Usher’s arrogance standing in the way?

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  • http://yahoo shawncarter

    yea rite

  • http://yahoo shawncarter


  • Man, I just don't care™

    Why does anyone, outside of Nu Yawk, pay attention to Jay Z?

    On another note, Usher cool and all but he won’t be in MJ’s shoes.

  • Bacqui

    Jay-Zin Quit Smoking! We All Know Chris Brown Is The Next Big Thing After MJ,,,

  • Bg (George Washington Carver)

    Usher has lasted for a while but hasn’t reached a MJ status ever, he hasn’t been able to duplicate the success of Confessions. That was a good album. Mj never duplicated Thriller…but the albums after were still multi-platinum hits.

  • foxxy cleopatra foster

    Um Usher is so 2000 and late (i know that phrase is too). This is not 2004. Usher had a good run, but he has peaked.

  • nat

    Yea he can i guess

  • Natalie

    Usher will never be the one because he does not give his all when performing. He half asses his performances. To fill MJ’s position you have to have the ability to let go and give it your all when performing without any thoughts of what people think and that is definately not Usher. Before Chris Brown messed his career up I would have said he would be the one but not anymore. Chris puts it all out there when performing which is why MJ was a fan of his.

  • SweetChariot

    Usher is boring and will never been Michael. End of story…..

  • lolita

    No way. Usher is talented but not on MJ’s level

  • whatever

    yeah chris may be able to dance, but you have to admit, he is not as strong a vocalist as michael. Michael had both, the ability to dance and sing really well. Truthfully although usher can sing better than chris, and can dance his butt off, he don’t have that something that made michael a star, so I’ll have to say leave michael’s shoes unfilled.

  • Mel

    I would say Omarion before I would ever say Usher.
    Chris brown is the reason most of these dudes is getting shine right now.

  • ashley

    Maybe 10yrs ago but not anymore. There will never be another MJ, however Chris Brown is the closest that the entertainment industry has without a doubt

  • Alrighty Then...

    Never happen. MJ was a once in… well, ever!! Just cause Jay-Z says it don’t make it so! Usher is talented, but he was off-key if we keep it all the way real, during parts of his performance. He’s cool, but he’ll just never be at that worldwide iconic level.

  • bacchus

    I don’t know what these artist are thinking. It takes alot more than a few hits to be the King of Pop. Why would anyone want to be the King of Pop, make up a new name why dont’cha and stop trying to fill someone elses shoes…lol.

    Like already mentioned,Michael never duplicated Thriller’s success but Bad, Dangerous, History, and Invincible still held their own in the #1 spots in their respective years. On top of that, Michael Jackson was a great producer, had the power to inspire, and a stand out Humanitarian who was all about making the world a better place via his music and generosity. Sure, out of all the other male artist, Usher comes close but a very, very, very distant second. He still has alot of time left; when Michael was Usher’s age he was during the Bad era so if he just keeps going I’m sure he’ll make it. \o/

  • FattDoll

    Oh pls stop it..Michael Jackson has no viable heirs to his throne. Did you all not witness the greatness that was Michael????…

    What next..soulja boy the next obama?…stuppess!

  • GTFOH with the DUMB

    Jay Z is really smelling himself. He is not the Almighty and neither are any of u. Micheal went thru his trial and tribulations yet his TALENT still shined thru. Chris Brown still has a lot of fans and plenty of TALENT. His career is not over.

    He always said he doesn’t want to be the NEXT anything, as much as he admired Micheal. He just wants to be himself, It’s the silly media and silly non fans that are full of sh*t with their asinine labels.

  • Lady Architect (Norma Merrick Sklarek)

    Jay Z yeh right…it’s not gonna happen…MJ was a success way earlier than Usher, sings better, and has a better quality of songs that he himself wrote. There’s no comparison….Usher couldn’t even sing the tribute correctly

  • floridagirlz

    First off there will never be another artist to take MJ crown…knowone…Chris is in awkard phase vocally and just like Usher his voice will mature but Chris do have the similiar package of MJ…he will redeem himself because regardless of his personal affairs dude is very talented can’t take that from him…Usher last perfromance I believe was either MTV or AMA whatever award show it was Usher was struggling his moves were off and vocally he wasn’t there either…the King has left..RIP MJ



  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    Usher is cool and you can tell by the why he dances etc that he was influenced by MJ. As far as filling his shoes, i don’t think so.

  • charmaine

    There will never be another Michael or anyone close to taking his place. Jay-Z is just talking out of his a**. Just know that he nor Usher will receive the same type of farewell or have the same type of iconic image is MJ. He is a fool for saying something so IMPOSSIBLE.

  • Man, I just don't care™

    Old school artists wrote their own material.

    Usher doesn’t do that even tho he can sing and dance.

    That’s what seperates them.

  • frank lucas

    Uh, no.

    “Jay-Zin Quit Smoking! We All Know Chris Brown Is The Next Big Thing After MJ,,,”

    Uh, no.

    “I would say Omarion before I would ever say Usher.”

    Okay. You are smoking crack…

  • Mock Rock Star

    U know, I never hear white people attempting to fill Elvis shoes and he’s been dead for decades. Mike’s body is barely cold and folks are wondering who’s going to fill his shoes. But U know, it’s not only blacks who disrespect Mike’s title because I remember when Justin Timberlake b*tch a$$ came out with I think Justified or whatever piece of sh*t album they were trying to coin this twink as King of Pop…I was like WTF and I never bought into the hype of his a$$. The point I’m trying to make is let the man continue to be the King of Pop, unless the title of King of Rock n Roll is given to someone else.

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