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The Karens are back at it again! This sad sad story is becoming redundant at this point.

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An innocent black man was accused of stealing a white woman’s cell phone in California when in fact the cell phone was sitting right inside “Karen’s” purse.

First there was Karen in New York who accused a black teen of stealing her cell phone in a hotel only to find out she had left it in her Uber. After harassing him and his family she was eventually arrested in Southern California.

Then there was Karen #2 who accused a Black man of stealing her phone at a Moreno Valley Walmart. In true white form she persisted to follow him around the store, demanding that he empty his pockets and called security on the man who repeatedly told her he didn’t have her phone. Where was the phone you ask? Sitting safely and untouched in her car.

Now, Karen #3 makes her debut! She has been captured on camera accusing a Black man of stealing a phone she ended up finding in her purse. A damn shame.

The incident took place at a Spencer’s at Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights, which is right outside of Sacramento. The video starts off with a “distraught” or should we say delusional woman attempting to search through her purse for her phone.

In the background listeners can hear a woman who’s with the black man ask the Spencer’s employee, “Can you call it because she won’t let us call it?”

The convo continues with the employee replying “Yeah, what’s the phone number?”

As Karen proceeds to give out her number, she then pauses and comes to the assumption that maybe just maybe the Black man “could have turned the ringer off.” The nerve.

“Oh my God!” the woman behind the camera replied. “What, do you want him to get f**king naked, lady?” Whoever this lady is, we like her and she’s invited to the cookout.

The Spencer employee can be heard trying to keep the peace and continue with dialing the number. However, Karen continues to whine and plead that she “really needs her phone back.”

Our black brother is actually amused and quite unbothered by the accusation and offers to be pat down and searched. He even emptied out his pockets for this woman when he ABSOLUTELY did NOT have to. Homegirl is not the authorities but hey “when they go low we go high” or whatever our forever First Lady says.

Ultimately, the employee offered his phone for Karen to use and call her phone. As it rings, the other woman with the black man says, “Is it in your purse, ma’am?” And sure enough crying Karen responded by finally admitting that, yeah, it was in her damn purse the whole damn time.

With guilt on her conscience she then proceeded to say “I’m sorry, I apologize.” Like hell you were lady. Our good sis replied back to Karen saying “F**k off—no you are not!” Our exact sentiments.

It really is a sad and racist world that we live in but kudos to this black King for remaining calm and unbothered because listen had that been us it would’ve been a different story.

Will there be a Karen #4 before the end of the year? Find out on the next episode of “The Krazy Karens!”

Would you have been able to keep your calm? Let us know below!


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