Zac Stacy claims his ex-girlfriend ‘staged’ brutal attack video despite him being the one committing the violence.


Source: Orlando Sentinel / Getty

Last month, former Rams Running Back Zac Stacy went viral after a video surfaced of him beating his ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans in front of their 4-month-old child. In the video, Stacy hits her multiple times before throwing her into a television that would land on top of her. The video is hard to watch and will have your stomach in knots watching it.

Stacy was arrested as he arrived at the Orlando airport on November 19 and since then, things have been quiet but of course, that never lasts. He is now claiming the entire thing was staged.

“It’s unfortunate because I just got out of rehab for anxiety and depression like eight months ago,” Stacy told cops. “I dropped everything to come down here and support the mother of my child in her last trimester, and the baby. I let her know I wasn’t trying to be with her or nothing like that. This is a case of just bitterness. That’s why she did this. The whole assault thing. She staged it. She set me up.”

After the vicious video, how anyone in his situation could not express remorse is unbelievable. This “staged” excuse is probably a lawyer’s worst nightmare…but here we are. Speaking of lawyers, Stacy accuses his ex-girlfriend of having an affair with his lawyer, who happens to be his college teammate. Either way, a trip back to rehab might be in order.




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