SMH: Gang Activity on Twitter And Facebook On The Rise

- By Bossip Staff

Authorities are reporting a spike in gang activity on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, saying that several well known gangs are using the social networks to intimidate people and communicate gang related activities.

Gangs are reportedly using the sites to “cyber bully” Continue…

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  • blah


  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    bump the streets,the web isn’t safe anymore wow lol…It’s bad when internet social/networking sites originally created for keeping in touch with friends,family,network or advertise your biz or product is now being used for such acts smh…Btw,Twitter is also getting out of hand with all these celebs airing their business for the world to see & read,so lame

  • List

    SMH, it’s time for this world to come to an end.. There is too much ignorance going on, too many Devils running the streets and everywhere else!

  • GotYou

    Y’all are lazy. Rewrite the damn article. You got people jumping to links.

  • Msholliday

    I would i would let someone bang on me on Twitter lol ….

  • Injera


  • C-Red

    Wow….as technology gets better society gets dumber and dumber, what freakin idiot would conduct gang activity on FB or the internet? I remember back in the days the real gangsters at least had enough common sense to conduct the least amount of business over the phone so they wouldn’t take a chance on having phone records or woretaps, now these fools leave their own paper trail and evidence stored online for the cops to use against them. Maybe it’s a good thing, now the cops might have an easier time catching these idiots and keeping them off the streets.


    Now, that is funny. LMAO


    What gangsters actually use the web?? LOL. Its so fake. Well they need to find them trace their IP’s and lock them up. Get on it!

  • NapTowns Lost One

    It’s “blood” misspelled.

  • White Women Rule

    There is simply no use for them, they bring down property values. Why on earth you would want to destroy the city in which you live has always astounded me. While I don’t condone it in any way, shape or forum, the Asian gangs seem to be much smarter than the black and latino gangs.

  • Ted40110

    What do it really talk about? I just glid for a while.

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