Kelly Rowland And Her Glued Up Lace Front Hit the Scene

- By Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland was seen on the scene with Brandy at the Universal Motown Republic Group Grammy Nominee Cocktail Party last week.  Her face game looks good but her lace front needs a little work.  More flicks of Kelly, Brandy, Ray Jay and more under the hood.

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  • Menominee_Nation

    ….or she jus needs a new wig Hitler.

  • Pookie

    Oh my Kelly, that weave is just rediculous. Its a good thing you didnt show this at Beyonce’s fragrace event. too embarrassing.

  • Shanice


  • Lady Architect (Laura Wheeler Waring)

    I really hate this lacefront era…I appreciated it when it was used solely for cancer patients, but now women be looking so obvious with the terrible look hair lines…The tracks will always look better to me.

  • i'll pray the illuminati's don't brainwash u

    you can’t tell me her and Bey aren’t sisters now!!!

  • mona

    Lacefronts should only be worn with bangs.
    If you want a hairline, get a good weave and leave your hair out in the front…damn, it’s really simple folks

  • kerry

    I hate a lacefront.

  • lala

    Why don’t women just rock their natural hair. Or in Kelly’s case, go back to the short Halle berry ‘do. She looked so much better that way. The wig makes her look like a drag queen. All that money and that’s the best she could do?

  • rico 9

    take that indian hair back to the store…

  • SMDH

    why black woman must wear wigs
    black woman are truly ashame of who they are
    blackwoman always want to look white instead of been black. Now look at kelly with that piece of crap on top of her head. she should be on hotghetto mess. black ladies pass on the wigs just be black and natural ..

  • Nik

    Kelly is too pretty to be wearing this jacked up wig. A few tracks here in and there is cool. Unbeweavable-ness is too much! Brandy’s hair looks fierce though…

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983.....72 Days!!!

    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. I hope you aren’t around a bunch of “yes men”. You are stunningly beautiful but this right here wasn’t a good look, Momma. Sorry.

  • chocalatetunda

    Kelly honey. i love Kelly i think she is truly beautiful but that lace front is not getting it. she usually have nice weaves but who ever did this did not do a good job. sorry boo

  • curiosity

    still looks gorgeous…leave her alone HATERS.

  • Somali Ninga


  • Yes

    Kelly actually makes me mad with that weave. She is so pretty but really let’s her self down with that tone of weave, badly done. Please Kelly you can do better.

  • daahlingnikki

    Every time I see Brandy now she looks like she just smoked the best mary jane in the world….Kelly, your sister and Elton John cornered the market on lacefronts…So everyone else is getting inferior product…Go back to the short hair cut…It suits you better…

  • anon

    can’t wait for the lace front toupè!

  • PETE

    WHO CARES????????? GET A “BECKY” AND U AINT GOTTA DEAL WIT NONE OF DIS SHIT!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    yes, she had on a curly wig that looked way better…. she should just get the short hair do, she was fine with that!


    Sorry Pete Becky’s got them lace fronts too, not to mention fake teeth,fake boobs, Fake butts & pointy noise busted faces and bad skin so go right ahead.. BTW I am a black woman with very long real down to my back hair.. I am not light skin either..A wash and set can make anyone’s hair grow. We do exist.. smh @ ur ignorance.. anyways.. Not feeling this wig but lets face it EVERYONE in the celebrity world wears it.. so she has to change it up

  • Booger Bear

    You can attribute this to the American black male who continues to judge American black women according to a white standard of beauty. Sorry fellas, but it’s true. Never mind that the white standard is a total fraud. There isn’t a white female celebrity whose beauty isn’t shaped by a surgeon’s scalpel. Yet you mock Kelly because she has attempted to conform to that ideal. And make no mistake about it, you would mock her, if she didn’t.

    Hollywood and plastic surgery go back before Marilyn Monroe. Did you know if you had plastic surgery in the 1960’s, you were thought to be mentally ill. Marilyn’s looks were also the product of man’s hand, not God’s.

    Please check out this link of Marilyn Monroe. Pay close attention to her nose and jawline.
    Now stop believing everything the white man tell ya!

  • vee

    smh she looks lovely but y they do her like that with that glue

  • too cute

    I just wish women would wear their real hair,so tired of the weave,this looks ridiculous to me,be proud of whats yours,be real,I like kelly with her short cut,when she first came out

  • kiesha

    People are so fake NOW all of a SUDDEN yall like kelly with red and black streaks…O’really? yall need to get it together

    it aint about what you like that’s her damn head she can do what ever the hell she want with it she still looks better than yall could ever dream of looking messed up lace front and all

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