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In case you thought Summer Walker and London on Da Track were all done airing out their co-parenting qualms for the internet just because she made a whole album about it, the answer is: Nah!

The singer blasted her producer baby daddy on Instagram earlier this afternoon, sharing a plethora of screenshots and notes full of frustration regarding the rapper’s alleged inability to communicate with her sufficiently as he cared for their daughter, Bubbles. From the alleged text messages Summer sent  London, the mom seemingly wanted some peace of mind regarding where Bubbles would be sleeping as she spent a rare evening with her dad.

Summer allegedly sent London a half dozen messages requesting he send a photo of the infant sleeping to soothe her anxiety but from his alleged lack of response, and then allegedly hanging up on her when she called, it seems like he was purposely ignoring the worried first-time mother.

After allegedly ignoring Summer, London then shared a video of his daughter wearing a diamond necklace, which appeared to piss Summer off even further.

You haven’t seen my child in almost 2 months, no call, no FaceTime no nothing, ain’t even asked for a picture from either me or the nanny and when you finally get her this is the first thing that came to your mind to do?

Also, in the screenshot of the text messages summer shared she alleged that London returned her baby to her with a small bruise on her forehead.

Would something like this set YOU off as a parent?

This latest bit of Summer Vs. London messiness has once again sparked reactions from two of the producer’s other three babies’ mothers.

Erica Racine, who the producer previously sued for full custody of their son, London, blasted Summer and wondered why people should sympathize with the singer.


“I was crazy for years but now that it’s her ppl supposed to sympathize,” wrote Erica on her InstaStory. ‘Remember when she wore I didn’t want my son and falsely told the world I’m an unfit cokehead? Back when I couldn’t get the replies she begging for now.”

Eboni Ivorii, who the producer previously sued for full custody of their daughter, Paris, and who outed Summer’s pregnancy has also written SEVERAL reactions to Summer’s latest issue with London.


“Somebody start with S sad & silly *& slow & stupid * need to shut up,” wrote Ebonii. “At this point, you need to follow the rest of my footsteps & just deal with it. Nobody’s perfect or gonna do exactly what you want. This is the path you chose.”

She also shared screenshots of an alleged convo she had with Summer where the singer said “karma is a b***.”



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