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Gather ’round and grab your aprons because a family-friendly show centered around young confectionary connoisseurs is back!

Food Network’s “Kids Baking Championship” premieres tonight, Monday, December 27th at 8 p.m on Food Network and discovery+, and it’s once again showing hosts and judges Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman welcoming a dozen bubbly bakers to the Kids Baking Championship.

The ten-week competition will test the kid contestants, ages 8-11, in difficult-themed challenges as they whip and whisk their way through the kitchen preparing treats like kitchen sink sweets and creampuffs to showcase their impressive baking skills and techniques. Only one incredible young baker will rise to the top to earn the sweet grand prize, a spot in Food Network Magazine and the title of Kids Baking Champion.

This season, Ava-Leigh Wright, of Atlanta, Georgia is included in the elite ranks of kid bakers.

Kids Baking Championship

Source: Kids Baking Championship / Food Network

The precocious and precious 10-year-old has had an interest in cooking since she was a toddler and wants to own her own restaurant. Ava went from helping her mom cook at home and watching Food Network to enjoying baking her favorite things like macaroons, cake pops, cookies, and brownies. A multifaceted foodie, she is also fluent in Spanish and enjoys writing, reading, and playing soccer. On Instagram, Ava posts tutorials for friends, family, and forthcoming fans to follow while showcasing her skills with dishes like anti-gravity cake and peppermint bark cupcakes.


Below this competitive confectioner dishes to BOSSIP about her “Kids Baking Championship” journey and the “science” of baking.



Tell us about your start with baking. When did you realize that this is something you love to do? 

Well, I realized when I was four. My mom was baking a cake for my grandma and I wanted to join with her. So I was baking with her and ever since then, I kept asking my mom if I could make another cake with her. And at first, she was like, ‘No’, but I kept asking her more and then she was telling me, ‘Yes!’

What is your favorite dish to make? Is there something really special that you enjoy? 

I like to make all things, I can’t choose one—but I do like to make macaroons.

Kids Baking Championship

Source: Kids Baking Championship / Food Network


When did you realize that you weren’t just doing this for fun and that you were really talented at baking? Did your mom tell you that something you made was really good?

At like age eight or nine I actually started to get more creative and I actually started wanting to come home from school and start baking.

On Kids Baking Championship were you nervous about presenting your dishes to the judges? What was it like for you?

I was very nervous and my hands were shaking. I had sweaty palms, it was very, very nerve-wracking!

What advice did your parents give you about competing in Kids Baking Championship?

So they were like, on the first episode don’t try to do too much, just stay calm. And then they were like, don’t try to be like a know-it-all. You know, just that type of stuff.


We heard that you have a goal to open your own restaurant and bakery, tell us more about that.

So I actually wanna have two bakeries and one restaurant. The restaurant is gonna be called “The Secret” and when you get the menu, you don’t know what it’s gonna be. We’re gonna change it up a lot, so it’s like a secret—you don’t know the menu. And then one bakery is gonna be like a normal bakery and then another bakery is gonna be a bakery for people who have special needs.

What advice do you have for someone your age who wants to bake but maybe they’re nervous about it and they’re scared that they might mess it up.

So, try! Baking is science, so with science, you don’t always get it perfect and if you mess up, just try again. Never stop.



Will YOU be watching Food Network’s “Kids Baking Championship” tonight, Monday, December 27th at 8 p.m on Food Network and discovery+?



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