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“V.S.O.P” hitmaker K. Michelle took to Twitter in the wee hours of Dec. 28 to mourn the loss of her grandfather who passed away earlier this month. In a string of tweets, the former Love & Hip Hop star revealed that she was barely holding on weeks after the tragic incident.

“Please bring my grandpa back,” the emotional singer wrote. “God, don’t do us like this. I beg. I’ll do anything.”

K.Michelle’s paw-paw, whose name was Theodore Jamison, recently celebrated his 92nd birthday with the star.

“It’s forever with you and me grandpaw,” the 39-year-old celeb wrote on Instagram back on Dec. 17.

In her heart-breaking Twitter thread, K. Michelle began to plead with God to bring back her grandfather. According to The Jasmine BRAND, it appeared as though the singer was set to bury her beloved family member on Dec. 28. The Memphis native went into a deep spiral of grief on social media about having to attend the unfortunate event.

“I laying here shaking, begging you God to not do this to me tomorrow. I can’t live without him. My momma need him. I’m just drinking, crying, drinking again. Stop this sh*t now.,” she wrote in one tweet.

“I’m not letting them put my grandpa in the ground. No. They gotta fight me first,” she tweeted in a second post.

While a third Twitter post read:

“I’m loosing my mind about this. I feel so useless. I did so much for my grandpa but I let this happen to him: I should’ve been there on they ass about him at that hospital. Maybe I could’ve forced them to save him.”

Jamison made a number of appearances on the Memphis native’s reality TV series “K. Michelle: My Life,” which ran from 2014-2017 on VH1. He was also widely respected throughout their community and K regarded the esteemed man as a “superhero.” Following the announcement of his passing on Dec. 17,  K. Michelle gushed about her grandad’s humble demeanor and giving nature.

“You are a Superhero Theodore Jamison. You raised 8 kids by Yourself!” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

“You raised your grandkids. You raised A WHOLE COMMUNITY,” she continued. “Everybody in South Memphis know and love Mr. J. You are legendary. You’re knowledge alone was enough to change a persons whole mindset. I would sit and just listen to the many lessons you would teach. Never once have I ever seen you angry or raise your voice. The sweetest most humble man. When you walked in the room people knew you were a man of great substance, a POWERFUL man.”

A few days after she posted the heartbreaking news, the “Rain” singer shared a sweet story of how she was able to give her granddaddy enough cash to buy a truck so that he could “drive to the Casino,” his favorite place.

K. Michelle ended her emotional string of tweets with one last regret. The star said she wished she would have had twins so that her grandfather could have spent time with them before his untimely passing. As of now, the star only has a teenage son named Chase Bowman from a previous relationship, but last year, the singer revealed that she was making plans to expand her family with her fiance, Dr. Kastan Sims, by having two-twin girls with the help of a surrogate.

‘I could’ve had twins 5 years ago but I thought I had money and selfishly want ONLY GIRLS,” she tweeted with regret. “Two girls so after 200,000 later I just realize that all I wanted was my grandfather 2b in their lives like he was in Chase’s life. I fucked up yall. I could’ve just had the babies.”

Back in February 2020, the singer revealed that she put her plan to have twins completely on hold. The star revealed to MADAMENOIRE that the woman she originally hired to carry her baby girls was getting into a few shady dealings behind the scenes–all allegedly for a contract to appear on “Love & Hip Hop.”

“Oh hell no. I’m not using that clown. Let me ask you something. If you have nothing, right? Nothing. Somebody has paid for your children’s everything. Your children’s birthday parties since they’ve been on earth. I met this woman in Ikea. Someone that you call even for gas money. They help you — because I always end up helping somebody. Then they put you on TV and you go behind my back and sign a Love and Hip Hop contract. They use it as bargaining power against me, thinking, we have your story you have to sign up. Well, as long as ain’t no eggs in her, you ain’t never got my story!” she explained of the rift.

Just sad…

K. recently revealed that she’s in better spirits and focusing on her mental health while working on plans to open a restaurant.

Our prayers are with K. Michelle during this difficult time!



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