Four White Women Sentenced After Gluing Black Lover’s Peen To His Stomach

- By Bossip Staff

Wisconsin man Donessa Davis paid a hefty price for cheating on his wife. The four women he’d been creeping with teamed up and lured him to a hotel room where they tied him up and glued his penis to his stomach. Therese Ziemann, Michelle Belliveau, Wendy Sewell, and Tracy-Hood Davis were all convicted in the “Krazy Glue Revenge” Case. To find out their sentence and see a picture of Donessa… Continue

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  • Hot Chocolate

    That’s gotta hurt…smdh

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™

    I would never fu-k with a white man i dont give a damn if he looked like brad pitt.. i just dont like white and thats my damn business!

  • chocalatetunda

    omg these are some fugly woman….. they are trailer trash…… i wonder which one is his wife.non look better than the other so it really dont matter. and all they got was a year. let that been black woman doing that.

  • Butterscotch™

    Wow! They’re lucky they didn’t get jail time.

  • Keepnit100

    LMAO! That’s what his stupid azz get..smashing the stanky azz Becky backs!

  • Darkesthourgla ss

    And not a cute one out of the bunch. I understand they’re mug shots but damn! I bet they’re younger than what they look, too. Let me see what this fool looks like.

  • Somali Ninga

    LOL!! He deserves it!!! don’t cheat on ur girlfriend!!

  • Darkesthourgla ss

    Does he even notices sisters? Do they notice him? Oh well. He’s lucky they didn’t cut the thing off!

  • anewme

    Ok…maybe my mind is the only one going to the left, but it seems like dude must have been working with something for it to be glued to his stomach. That’s a pretty far reach. 🙂

  • chocalatetunda

    2/3/10, 16:54:pm

    Ok…maybe my mind is the only one going to the left, but it seems like dude must have been working with something for it to be glued to his stomach. That’s a pretty far reach.

  • shamerika

    I’m sure he is one ugly man to be hitting these women. Dont be so judgemental people. I’m sure lots of bloggers look like this or worst. SMH.

  • drenk


  • MizzKay

    good well deserved. i dont feel bad for that man at ALL.smh

  • Gimmeabreak78



    LMAO! I was thinking the same thing. What kind of name is that for a man?

  • too cute

    men who cheat better be careful,today women are very serious about revenge,if you are not happy in your relationship just move on,why stay and cause someone else pain by cheating,cheaters wake up,next time it may be your life,which has happened before

  • tay

    he definitely has a type, they look like sisters

  • drenk


    some parents just dont care about their kids when theyre growin up. I have co-worker who told me her grandMOTHER not grandfather, grandMOTHER was named Wayne, ya know she got tortured in school

  • MOboogs

    I hate cheaters 🙂
    He should be glad they didn’t cut his scandalous weener LOL

  • Laquita

    Here’s my take. As you can see he is “busted” in the face too. And I’ve noticed that the majority of black men who like white women I wouldn’t even give them the time of day. I call them the black women rejects. They are so ugly or just weird looking that no one would want them but the white woman.
    And those Bi__ches are tore the Fock up 4real. But that’s what some black men like, and ugly white women, cause I’ve never seen them with a cute white girl.
    All 4 of those woman are the rejected black mans dream!!
    And if anyone tries to say I’m hating, no I’m not. I have a man. I’m just calling it how I see it.

  • Msholliday

    wanna feel bad for him but I DONT lmaooo now he will keep that think in his pants

  • Octavia

    Put their ugliness and whiteness aside- that was great payback!

  • real black is chocolate f'ck fake azz bullsh't!!!! real nikka aka Gmen

    he’s not black!

    anti propagation against bm&ww on tv and media just so wack and funny to me like that fat white ugly b’tch from BET show lol…..cuz real truth white women dont like black men and black women more dating and love white men than we do it!

    bm&ww it’s bullsh’t and not the truth this stereotype has been thought up white and black woman! why? because white men have lil d’ck and black women very hate yourself….FACT!

  • Darkesthourgla ss

    I’m as suming he shortened his name to Don at work and that’s if he even has a job. His nametag says: DON.
    Dude looks like a poorman’s Steve Urkel. Ain’t no sistas let alone cute white chicks checking for him.
    Those women in the mug shots above, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have jobs working in the back on the graveyard shift. You can’t put them in the front scaring people out of the building in schit.

  • Carmen

    These are the type of white women I usually see black men with.

  • MzTrina95fo

    Good for his dumb black A**

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